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1.) Objective of the lab:
The objective of this lab was to make a halftone negative of a small clipart.
2.) Facilities, supplies and equipment used:
We did this in the photo lab and in the dark room. To complete this lab we needed to have a working knowledge of the camera, developer, fix and a loop.

3.) Techniques employed:
To make film of a clipart several steps must be taken. First is to turn the copy board to be parallel to the floor. Then the glass front must be unlocked and lifted. The art is then placed in the center of the board next to a gray scale. After shutting and locking the glass front the copy board is then turned to be upright facing the shutter of the camera. The aperture should be set at an F-stop of 22 at %100. The next step takes place in the dark room on the other side of the process camera. You must position the transparent plate to be locked in front of the shutter. You then press the test button or switch to check the alignment of the art on the copy board. When aligned you open the transparent plate and use the vacuum to hold the film in position on the solid plate. You then close the solid plate and press the button that controls the timer for the shutter. This exposes the film to the light from the clipart and the gray scale. When the shutter closes you remove the film by turning off the vacuum. Then place the film in the developer until you can see the level 4 on the gray scale. This is the desired development of the film. When there you place the film in the stop solution. After a minute or so in there you place the film in the fix. This removes all the remaining silver from the film. After 2 minutes in the fix you place the film in water to wash it off. After a minute or so in the water you can dry the film and have your final product.

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4.) Results of the lab:
As a result from this lab I have a developed negative of clipart.

5.) Evaluation:
Although the results were a success over all, the negative is slightly underdeveloped and could have gone a few seconds longer in the developer chemicals.


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