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Philosophy Platos Republic

Philosophy – Plato’s Republic Plato makes a great point in the Republic about the road to true truth and true beauty being hard and only few may make it, but his ideas are not completely correct. He imposed the idea that the philosopher/king would come back to rule by a sense of duty. However duty may not be the right word. It seems to me that the most fitting word is more like stupidity. Keep in mind that this philosopher/king has found true truth and true beauty, and yet he stills go back to a primitive way of living because of an understood obligation.

Obviously this man is more misunderstood than we may think and realistically would not return to such an antediluvian civilization. Suppose you have been living in a dark cave where you are chained up and can only look forward. You receive a chance to leave the cave. It is a hard path to travel however slowly but surly you make it out of this cave. When exiting this subterranean passage you enter a place that can be best described as Eutopia.

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You are happy and carefree despite the occasional loneliness. You could possibly re-enter the cave to try and bring people back out with you. But their answers would be redundant. It is hard I cant and wont do it. So now you have no one to go back with you.

You could either stay inside this cave living a life of utter despair and hopelessness or you can return to happiness and lead a life of virtue. Which would you choose?.


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