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Peru The first day in Cusco Peru, was one of the worst days of my hole entire life. First of all it has been a 48 hour day with naps here and there,but that was not the worse part of it all. Being at 12,000 feet above sea level gave all of us horrible altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is caused by the little amount of oxygen in the air, witch does not let your body get all of the oxygen that you need. By not getting all of the oxygen you feel queasy, tired, dehidraded, and much more. It was horrible I could barley walk, and I also had a Paine in my chest.

Since I was so tired I just slept all day, I finally woke up were I was five minute away from fainting. Lucky for me we got a special pill to take that help altitude sickness. After we all felt a little better we went out to the mane plaza to get some food. Since it was chritsmis all of the pore children were out in the plaza dancing around and lighting fire works.Since the people had no common since they were lighting up fire works right next to people that made it a little scary. After having one of the worst days in my life, today has been much better so far.

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As we were leaving are hotel to go on a tower of Cusco, a man came up to me and gave me a bag of Coco leaves then he said you take leaves as he pointed in his mouth Of course I waited to ask my parents about the leave before I have any. my parents said it was ok to have them, so I put one of the leaves in my mouth and started to chow the leave like gum. When you chew it you are suppose to suck out the juice from from the leaves which help any Paine or sickness. On the tower we took I learned some really cool facts about Peru. Did you know, that out of the 125 different echo systems there are around the world Peru alone has 85 of those echo systems, because of the vast climate change with in Peru.

I also learned that both Corn and Potatoes was invented here in Peru, where there are 250 types of Corn and 600 different types of Potatoes. In many places of Peru there are ucoliptis trees, they were brought to Peru to stop the soil from sliding down the steep hill sides. They use Ucoliptise trees because they are very easy to plant and grow, plus the leaves have good uses too. Cusco is the mane place for agriculture in Peru. I also found out that Cusco is in the shape of a Puma.

We had to wake up to day at 5:30 in the morning to catch a four hour train ride. It was horrible the train ride it felt like the train was going to fall of the tracks it was so shaky. All the sudden a man came up to us and told us that we had to jump off the train right away. We all jumped off the train just before the train started up again in just a couple minuet. The hike was six hours long to get to are destination on the side of the mountain.

After climbing half the mountain side we finally got Wain wuaya runes right next to the lodge that we stayed at. Wile I was at the runes I sketched a stone wall that had weeds growing out of. The Incas ruin were built very sturdy and only 30 percent of it had to be built. We were very lucky to day because it barely rained witch is very good for the rainy season. Having to wake up at 6:00 in the morning was not very fun for the second day in a row.

we where able to reach the sun gate in a very short amount of time because we headed back down the mountain. The sun gate had a famous view of Machupichu down below. I could barely see any of the beautiful view because it was so cloudy . Machupichu was a great place, the Incas are very lucky that they built it were it is or the Spanish would of found it and destroyed every thing. Matchupichu is way up high on a mountain side along a river.

On the way down the mountain from Machpichu there was a little boy running down the mountain side beating the bus down and every time the bus passed him he would yell things to the bus. Once the bus got to the buttom the boy jumped on the bus asking for money for beating the bus down the mountain. The funny part was the kid got more money then the bus driver. Then we took the train ride back to Cusco that night to have a day of sleep and rest. Waking up really early in the morning to find out that your plain is delayed two and a half hours.

I was very exited to get to the jungle right away. After we finely got to the jungle we had to take a five hour boat ride to are detonation. Every thing was much different then I thought it would be. First off all the boat was a very small canoe, but the good part was that are rooms were not tents like I thought they would be. The worse thing was after your clothing gets wet it will not dry because of the moist in the jungle.

There was no electricity all the light we had was just a couple of small candles. There are hundreds of mosquitoes here in the jungle so many that we had to sleep under mosquito nets. They are nets that hang over the bed like a canopy so no bugs can bight you wile your sleeping. I was glad that there were showers but I hated the fact that there was only freezing water coming out. The jungle noises are really nice to listen to.

There are so many different kinds of animals in the jungle and all you can do is here them. Some of them sound like a person yelling out something like they needed some help. But the problem was it made it hard to sleep. Today we went for a six hour hike in the jungle. It was so beautiful being in the hart of the jungle. We had to wear boots that were one and a half feet tall because we had to walk throw swamps.We did not see a lot of wild life but some of the plants are beautiful and weird. The rain is horrible when it rains it really comes down hard, we were very unlucky it rained on us while we were in the middle of the lake where the canopy can not help you at all. I could stay in the beautiful jungle forever, except for the fact that I hate the bugs and the rain every day here in the jungle.

Today we manly did the exact same thing as yesterday. Except this time we were very quite hoping that we would see a animal of any kind. We did not get very lucky this time ether. We went on to the lake again and we got to see a Caimen, which is a type of alligator about six feet long. We did not see a lot of the Caiman just its eyes sticking out of the water. We also herd a Howler monkey near by while we were on the lake.

It sounds like a strong wind coming by and it is a very loud sound. My favorite part was on the way back from the lake. I got to lead the group with a machete back to the lodge. I got to cut away all of the branches or what ever that is in the way. We really did not do anything very special for new years eve. But at midnight for the new years they did do a little something for all of us.

They lit on fire a stuffed dummy to celebrate the new year. What it means is that they are burning out the spirit of the old year. We went home that morning and I did not feel very good so I slept the entire day. We took a ten hour train ride to get to lake tittie chacha it was so boring even though there were some really nice views. It definitely felt like a waste of a day. The lake is at 16,000 feet above sea level so after feeling better I got altitude sickness again.

We took a train boat ride around the lake and visited one of the floating islands in the lake. The floating island was just many layers of reeds that float. About five families live on one floating islands. They also have boats there made out of reed. We also went to this island were every body has to wear a hat and it depends how you were it means if you are married, single or engaged.

To get to the actual town of the island you have to walk up the 534 steps to the top. It was absolute hell doing that but there was a meal waiting at the top. We got back to the hotel and got ready to leave for tomorrow.


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