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(Continue from page 310, after “For the First time they had done something out of love”)
Grenouille does not feel dead oddly enough. One would figure after being torn to shreds and devoured by cannibals that your life would be over and you would be no more.However why does Grenouille’s feel alive as if life had just begun? He sits there, feeling no physical presence to call his own and yet he feels vibrant and exhilarated. Like the many scents memorized throughout his life, thousands upon thousands of options as to why life is still felt by Grenouille flow through his mind. He knows that this is not physically possible, so he must think of it in another arena, not just physically.
After many days of transparent being and thought, Grenouille has come to a major conclusion. His quest for the perfect scent must not be finished and he must go on. There must be some scent, some odor that has eluded him and thus barred him from making the perfect scent and ending his journey. Now in his new form he must continue his work that he had once thought finished. Only this time Jean Baptiste had more than olfactory powers, he has found that like most lost spirits and souls, he has to some degree the ability to control and overcome a living beings body. Grenouille found this out by merely walking into somebody on the street while walking, and finding himself going the other way walking awkwardly. He took a moment and stopped himself to see what had just happened to him. After this revelation, he knew he had new and possibly powerful abilities. Grenouille realized this is more than just a power, but a close ally that will help him on his quest to find that scent with out much problem, like before.

So for many months Jeean Baptisite toiled around town until the over heard a conversation in a local eatery that caught his fancy. It was Pierre Paul and his colleague at the traveling circus that was in town. They were discussing a young female they had seen on their journey here and were just remarking on her strange beauty and elegance. This peaked his interest because with such beauty, must come a scent. Grenouille followed Pierre home and took over his body. Having used Pierre Paul to find out which towns they have recently visited, Grenouille was off.

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Over the next few weeks, he traveled alone and unnoticed. Desperately searching for this girl, this anomaly among young woman.

Finally on his fourth month of traveling Grenouille had found her. About a mile out of the town Montece, something caught his olfactory fancy. A new scent even more fabulous and exploding with sensuality than any other he had been able to bear witness to. He followed it like a wolf pack to its kill until at last he was on the threshold of this new scent. It was a modest cottage on the outskirts of Montece, kind of run down looking but there was a definite presence.
For three days and nights Jean Baptiste hung around town and listened to the towns people talk and every so often a mention of this girl would come in to the conversation. Meanwhile the scent was driving Grenouille crazy and clouded his mind with thoughts that he was still a human presence, when he in fact wasn’t. So with his curiosity at its peak he journeyed to the cottage.
Upon entering this home he found nothing in the entryway but coats and clogs. Jean Baptiste made his way up the stairs. The scent was unmistakingly there. He floated through the first few doors with no luck but at the door down the hall he sensed it. He smelled the missing ingredient to his ultimate perfume. It smelled strangely enough like the red haired girl of the past but there was a difference. A subtle difference that too most it wouldn’t even register but to Grenouille it was a vast difference. He slowly made his way to the door and took in the scent. This scent was like nothing before, it was powerful and it made him feel like he was in a unparallel state.

He passed through the door with ease to find a darkened room with the presence of but one person in it. Patiently he sat and waited for the sun to come up and cast its light on this being, this perfect girl. As the sun came up he noticed her hair was as bright as the morning sky as well as her skin. He trembled with anticipation as she was waking up. As she turned around Grenouille let out a gasp and was speechless.

This girl was indeed special as the townsfolk and Pierre Paul had proclaimed. She had the fairest skin around and had the reddest hair one had ever seen. What caught Grenouille was her fiery hair and crystal green eyes that lit up the room, like a angel from heaven. Never before had Jean Baptiste smelled such a rarity. He quickly began to deduce a plan for capturing this scent.
Like the other girls, he waited until nighttime and went to work. Only this time, in his new body, he didn’t need to be as stealth. He quickly acquired her scent in the usual fashion and left the body, deprived of any scent or even that white hair, and left Montece.

The tale of the murder spread quickly throughout the region and there was a new interest in finding Grenouille the killer. However, that name nor its presence was ever felt again by the people of France. Although that is not entirely true…

There is a tale about a mountain in France that seems to make people happier. It is a mountain called Mount de Bobricke, which is south of Paris. Grenouille now resides in his old mountain home for eternity but as he has found his perfect scent he shares it with those that pass by his mountain. He continually makes it and sends it out into the surrounding air for people to enjoy. Over time, this mountain has become a vigil to some, almost a fountain of youth if you will. To this day, people visit Mount de Bobricke for the scents and beautiful atmosphere that his scents make around the surrounding area. They feel a presence and happiness while sitting around the mountain.


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