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People Of The World

People Of The World People of the world are, or sometimes feel distant to me because I never interact with them as a whole. Most of the time when I meet someone from another country they are in the U.S. and speak English. I would like to meet people from around the world in their own environment, other than Canadians (I have been to Canada). I guess all I cam reflect on is what I have dealt with here at Fayetteville State University, and what I have encountered from other travels.

The only other country I have visited Canada and it seems as if all of the people there are seven-day Adventist. They are very nice people don’t get me wrong but they push their views on to you. I’m not saying one religion is right and the other is wrong I’m just saying provide facts and let me decide for myself. Living in New York though you meet a lot of different people. Going through China Town is like (I’ve heard) being in China, and with all the different ethnic restaurants around, you can eat different countries’ food everyday of the week.

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The only thing about being in ethnic diversity is that you have to watch what you say because of Jokes to one race are not always jokes to another. One of he experiences I’ve had with other countries natives is one guy I knew from Uganda and his mom used to cook things I’ve never heard of before. Like for instance, fried bananas is one of the things I’ve never heard of. I didn’t know you could cook bananas at all. I also have a Russian and German friend to.

At the Russians’ house they make reddish soup with all kinds of things in it that is real good. At the Germans’ house they make deer meet all kinds of ways so I get my share of ethnic eating. In conclusion I have had a taste of other countries, literally, but I would still like to visit in their environments so that I can get the full effect. Aviation Essays.


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