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.. ART 275 VIDEO & SOUND BARRET LANGLINAIS 7/28/99 PATIENCE My Monday morning already was a hectic one. I found myself already ten minutes late for work, as I drove down the busy main street in the city where I lived. Coming up on a stoplight, I cut off a driver in the car next to me. Having total disregard for anyone but myself. As I proceeded through the stoplight it was quite apparent that I had upset the driver in the car. As I drove it became more and noticeable that this young driver had become more and more upset.

We would reach stoplight after stoplight taking turns cutting off each other. In the process we would totally disregard the other drivers we included in our being impatient with one another. I had to be first at every light, every stop sign, or passing others in front of us. My motivation was the only thing important to me. Even at the expense of this other drivers and their own motives.

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Finally after several instances of getting the finger from him I stopped at a stop sign rolled down my window and said to him that I would really like to talk to him. Already knowing that I was so late for work I hoped that he would oblige. He did and we proceeded to find the next available side road in which we could get off the main road. Getting out of the car I was hoping he wouldn’t be too angry. I approached him and motioned to a nearby park bench. We sat down and this is what took place. ALAN: Hi sir, How are you today? I would like to talk to you about what took place a few moments ago.

Is that Okay? JIM: That is certainly okay, I was kind of thinking that we needed to talk about it to. ALAN: What’s your name? JIM: My name is Jim. ALAN: Hi Jim, my name is Alan. JIM: Nice to meet you Alan. ALAN: Why were you in such a hurry Jim? Don’t you realize that it takes patience to get where you are going.

JIM: Yes, I realize this. May I ask why are you in such a hurry. If you are worried about patience from me, what is your meaning of the word patience? ALAN: Patience to me is a virtue few people have mastered. Patience is something gained with experience. Life shows us in many ways what it takes to have true patience. I feel the true meaning of patience is self respect as well as respect of others.

JIM: Does this mean that true patience is a learned virtue? Does this mean that respect is important to you. Do you respect yourself as well as respect me? Then why do you act like myself when you get behind the wheel of your car? Can you explain these questions I have. It seems to me that you in explaining yourself contradict what you believe. ALAN: I can see where you can come up with these questions. With the way I was acting I too would question my motives on the road as well as my believing what true patience means. JIM: It is apparent that all you are truly worried about is your self.

Why would you care for others as well as other situations that require patience, isn’t being first truly what all people want. If not, then why do we look in every car on every freeway and see impatience. Motivation to be first. All they care about is themselves. ALAN: I can see your point. Not only is this situation important for developing patience.

I believe that this is only one of the many reasons and meanings of patience. And realizing the other reasons as well brings us to respect of others. JIM: I guess you might be right. What might they be? ALAN: When you were a kid and your father made you wait for something you truly wanted. You went through a lot of pain. Is this right? It wasn’t easy. He had good intentions.

He knew that someday you would be faced with certain situations where you would put into practice, this lesson of waiting on others. In other words, patience. JIM: When I was a kid I got all I asked for. My father probably taught me these certain lessons but I can’t remember that where him not making me wait showed me patience. I probably learned somewhere else. ALAN: This explains why you act like you do on the road.

I see how you act is a reflection of how you were taught and treated as a kid. You can’t truly have patience if you were given things all your life. Just because life is given to you on a silver platter you believe that all others fall into that category JIM: That is not entirely true either. There are many instances in my life in which required patience. Instances where the definition of patience requires a whole different meaning. ALAN: Really, What could they be? Explain to me what you mean. Certainly growing up poor I believe that patience is achieved easily. How could you possibly know? JIM: Patience seems to be something you feel that you have mastered.

But if this is the case why do you to feel that it is important to run over everyone on the street, in order to meet your own motives? These actions make you as guilty as me. You say that you know what patience is and that you have patience. Instead I believe that you have no better degree of patience than I. ALAN: How would you truly know? What is your meaning of patience? What could you have possibly have gone through at a young age that would prove patience? I can see where you would think that I don’t show patience. It appears that my motives were more important than yours. It also does show that I had total disregard your feelings and motives for what you were doing.

JIM: You then are admitting that patience can be achieved differently. And that the meaning of patience may truly mean something else. Right? ALAN: You may be correct. What might your idea of patience be? JIM: Take for instance your age. You are about thirty five, and I am eighteen.

Anyone would see our ages and believe that what you may say about patience has more strength in meaning. This could be entirely false. People can’t assume that age warrants experience in every situation. For instance, I was a very young and shy kid. I had a problem with a reading disability.

I was teased constantly. My parents as well as my teacher would always tell me that things would all work out. I had to work hard and have patience. Little did I know that this would be exactly what would happen. With patience I soon would begin to read better and gain the respect of my schoolmates ads well as develop a degree of patience. ALAN: I can truly say that with this life experience you may have some degree of patience.

I still believe that this is only part of it. Age and experience still has precedence over any. Marriage, having children, buying a home. Things I have done explain why my degree of patience may be higher JIM: I agree with you to some degree, though I still feel that it is not necessarily those ideas that make you patient. Life experiences have a profound effect on all of us. We all react differently to the same situations.

This warrant’s us all receiving different degree’s of patience. ALAN: Then with your thinking we have come to the understanding that my getting to work may be more important than to where ever you were going. JIM: I agree that life is more important. People are important. Your reasons for getting some where are important. However, whose to say that importance lies in your favor.

ALAN: Your point is well taken. I never think of the other person when my mind is made up. This is truly the key. We all need to think of the other parties involved in all our situations. Waiting is hard, having all things given to us makes it harder to wait. Even though this thinking is true I know that having everything given to us makes it harder to relate. JIM: Yes, I do see your point.

I understand that my motives are no more important than yours. To develop patience and understand that trial and time are the most important keys to achieving true patience. And in the mean time respect is the essential theme for developing patience. ALAN: SO in other words, the meaning of patience to you is truly respect? JIM: I don’t necessarily think that this is the key element. I feel that along with other elements you can’t develop patience without respect.

ALAN: With what you are saying it sounds as though from this day on if you happen to see me on this same road and it looks as though I’m in a big hurry you will exhort patience and let me go first. And in doing so this will show me that you truly respect me and my motives for wanting to get where I need to over your own motives. JIM: You are right, Alan. ALAN: Jim you are on the right track. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.



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