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“Parents are teachers

“Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors, and providers for their children.” – Ivanla Vanzart
Parent is a mother or father to us. Your mommy and your daddy are your parents, and their job is to parent you. They are the closest person to us. We all born having a parents, usually we can’t live without a parents and many of us have foster parents or adoptive parents who parents us.
Parents are important in our daily lives, Why? We can’t live without a parent because they are the one who taught us to walk, to speak, to write, and to become a good person. They also taught us to believe in God. They even work hard in they work just to give us a good life. They even protect us in danger. They are always there beside our backs, supporting and guiding in everything we do. They provides what we need or what we want. They love us not because what we are but because in who we are and we are their children. That’s why parents our important in our lives.
My both parents are living abroad. My father is about 12 years in abroad and my mother is about 4 years there so I grew up without my parents being by my side but what I thought is wrong, I living my whole life with my parents because even though they are not here their presence is always by my side.
My mother was a wonderful person, cheerful, strict and talkative who seems that you can chat with her all day but most of the time she is strict like you can’t do it unless you have permission to her, you can’t play outside in the afternoon, you must sleep in the afternoon, and etc. but sometimes I disobeyed her even though I know she’ll get angry or upset and I’ll be punish by her magical hanger or slipper but her forgiveness is like the speed of flash even though I do something wrong. I know that she has been through a lot everyday but she always kept fighting it and because of her experience she taught me that never lose hope even in hardest times like problems, she also taught me to be clean and organize in terms of my environment like in my room I need to be organize and always clean my room and in outside the house or roads that throw your garbage in trash bin. She also taught me to be lovable, understandable and to be kind person that’s why I love her no matter what happens in my life.

My father is handsome, respectful, loving, kind and funny person. When we are in his car going somewhere nice he says jokes so that our trip is going to be happy. My father is also a great cook, he always cook us food that I taste so delicious. He is not a strict person as my mom is and he never gets angry at me but if I see him serious, I usually do something wrong that I didn’t make his face happy and he is also a polite, friendly and nice person. He is not a kind of a person who says about what he feels but he is a kind of a person who shows his loving feelings by sweet gifts and wonderful surprises. He is the protector of our family that who mess with his family he is the one who fight and protect us, if someone do something bad on his family, he is the one who will fight his family. I love my father because of this personality of him and all of his sacrifice just to give me a nice and wonderful life. I also love him because of his effort in working hard in abroad for almost 12 years just to ensure my good education. I also love him because he taught me to be strong and independent person that who can carry and solve any problems and he also taught me that you can achieve your dreams by working hard and striving on it.
I’ve been living my life well because of them because they are always there for me. They teaching me what is right and wrong in what I do. they provides anything I need and anything I want like shelter, foods, clothes, gadgets, money and etc. they also provide comfort, nurture, support and good morals. They become my teacher who taught me everything. I know that they have different personality and different way of life but they are perfectly to each other. They give balance in my family, and they support each other in terms of matter. Both of them taught me to be a fighter that you must be proud to yourself and also believe in yourself.
But everyone did something wrong, and I did something wrong especially to my parents. I didn’t think what they have gone through in order to give me anything, I didn’t think what are the sufferings and pains they feel just to give me a good life, I didn’t nourish or care of things they give me and I didn’t say how much I love them. But you know even though I’m wrong they forgive me and still love me even though how much I hurt their feelings because of my wrongdoings. Yes, I repented all of my sins because that time I realize that I’m wrong.
I love both of them because they are my heroes who always at my side even though they are far away from me. They are not a kind of a hero that can fly, can lift a bulldozer or can shoot laser but they are a kind of a hero that can support and be proud on you no matter what happens, a kind of a hero that can forgive and still love you no matter what wrong you did. That’s why they are my heroes of my life, forever.

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