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Our Lives Are Wasted By Detail

Our Lives Are Wasted By Detail OUR LIVES ARE WASTED AWAY BY DETAIL Thoreau believes that we fill our lives with to many details and luxuries. Thoreau tells us to only live with what we need to get through our lives, our lives would move more splendidly and flawlessly. Live your lives as simply as possible and you will be have much more satisfaction in life. Many people lives are filled with many things on their mind. Details fill up many lives. People are never able to enjoy better things in life because there always looking for details.

Thoreau relates his life while in Walden Pond and he based his life on being simple. Since Thoreau was in Walden he made a simple life and had only the basic essentials. If we tried to work for only the things we needed we would be happier, Thoreau spends his life in Walden Pond with happiness because he does not have to worry about having more than the basic necessities. Thoreau doesnt think that we should work for more than we need and he does that by living in the woods and making his house out of a bunch of shanty boards they he got to build his house, he didnt have a lot at all. Thoreau says to live with only the basic necessities.

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If I did not play sports or any other activities my life would be easier. I would do better in school and have better grades if I didnt play sports. I think you should have more than u need because all people want to have a better life, they dont want to work everyday of their lives rather than just have what they need. I think you should live your life to the fullest. English Essays.


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