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Of Mice And Man

Of Mice And Man George is a small man with strong features. He has slender arms and a small bony nose. He takes care of his friend Lennie and tdes to keep him out of trouble. They travel from job to job and save their money in hopes to buy their own farm. Lennie is just the opposite of George. He is a big man with large pale eyes, wide shoulders and walks kind of gaudy as a bear might walk.

Lennie is a bit retarded and he trusts George to make all the decisions for him. He anxiously waits for the day when he and George will buy their own farm. Candy is an old man with only one hand. He probably does the cooking and cleaning and he likes to gossip and tell stories to new men. He has an old dog who used to help work around the farm and the men are constantly nagging him to let them shoot the dog and put it out of it’s misery.

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Curley is the boss’ son. He’s a thin young man with brown eyes and a head of curly hair. ‘s married and doesn’t pay much attention [email protected] wife, which uses problems requently- Curley is insecure about his height and hates bigger men. He’s all the time picking fights to try and prove whose the t. Crooks is a crippled blackman who envies Lennie and George.

He”too/ would like to invest in their farm. The men are always picking on Crooks and Curley’s wife threatens to have him hung all the time. The boss is always taking his anger out on him. Curley’s wife is young, beautiful and very lonely. She is the only female on the ranch and she teases the men to amuse herself.

Her husband considers her nothing more than an object. Her dreams were one day to become an actress; instead she manied Curley because she had no way to support herself. I believe the most important character in the book Of Mice and Men is George Milton. He took the responsibility upon himself to look after Lennie and that in itself is a job. George is always trying to keep him out of trouble and sees that they are never without work and food. Together they plan to put their earnings together and buy a farm of their own, George shares his dreams with Lennie and offers him a place in a society o does not want the Lennie’s of the world.

In the climax of the book George has to make a decision he will never forget for the rest of his life. It takes every ounce of courage he has to kill his frienq but he believes he is doing it out of love and for the best interest of his friend. CONFLICT RESOLUTION But Candy said exciedly, “We oughfta let’im get away. You don’t know that Curley. Curley gon’ta wanta get’im lynched. Curley’ll get’im killed.” To spare Lennie from any additional pain that Curley might bestow upon him, George took a gun and directed Lennie to turn his head and shot him in the back of his head.

George had once again come to his rescue, but he would never again have to bother with Lennie and his small mind. SUMMARY OF MICE AND MEN is about two men who travel tog from place to pla hey have dreams to one-day buy a farm of their own. George and Lennie had to remain a team in order to make their dreams come true. This was a job in itself for George because Lennie was a bit retarded and seemed to get into trouble very easily. George fulfilled the responsibility of taking care of Lennie after his aunt had died.

Lennie is a big man and unknowingly to himself he squeezes things he loves too hard and causes their death. Lennie in fact goes so far as to accidentally kill Cudey’s wife. Once it becomes obvious to everyone else on the farm what Lennie had done, the men set out to hang him. Because of the death of Curley’s wifegeorge knew what he had to do. He had to get to Lennie before the others did.

George killed Lennie out of sympathy for Lennie and out of the aggravation he caused himself. George believed that Lennie was just trouble for himself and him included. George could not deal with the responsibility of caring for Lennie anymore, so he went to the place he told Lennie to go in case he got into trouble and found him there, orge’s loving feeling towards Lennie changed drastically, so he killed him in hopes to spare him from Cudey and the other men.


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