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Oedipuss Life Is Lived Out In Many Accomplishments And Achievements Mount Cithaeron Symbolizes His Journey From The Being Of

Oedipus’s life is lived out in many accomplishments and achievements. Mount Cithaeron symbolizes his journey from the being of his life to the end. It also symbolizes the important steps toward or trying to reach the peak, the perfect blend of mind and spirit. Mount Cithaeron portrays how people take a journey toward self awareness, and how most do not make. Oedipus’s life has five accomplishments or steps on the road of Mount Cithaeron.

Oedipus first event is surviving as a newborn baby. Oedipus was left to die on a mountain with his feet pinned by Jocasta, mother, and Lauis, father. Luckily, Oedipus was found by a Shepard and eventually given to the King of Corinth, Polybus. When told by an oracle that he was going to kill his father and marry his mother, he leaves Corinth and fulfills his second accomplishment. Unknowingly, Oedipus is gradually moving upward on the Mount to the third accomplishment.

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While walking on the road, he came to where three roads meet. He saw six men, thinking they were a band of robbers, he kills them. Not realizing that he had killed his father and fulfilled the prophecy, he moves on and up the mount. The fourth accomplishment, was killing a monster called the Sphinx. When Oedipus answered the Sphinx’s riddle, the sphinx kills herself and Oedipus saves the city.

Since the King could not be found and Oedipus had gotten rid of the Sphinx, Oedipus was given the throne. He was also given Jocasta’s hand in marriage. Finally, he had completed his fifth accomplishment when given the position of King. By being hubris, the rest of Oedipus’s life went downward. When Jocasta found out the truth she killed herself.

Seeing that Jocasta was dead and he had cursed his children, Oedipus poked his eyes out. Oedipus’s life or journey up Mount Citaeron was good and bad. Oedipus played out his destiny or fate unknowingly. He was cursed from the beginning of his life. Oedipus did not reach the top, which was said to the spot of the gods, but he did go far. Bibliography Oedipus REx.


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