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o Area of Improvement

o Area of Improvement: Since she is progressing well for her language/communication skills, she is able to enhance more on her well-developed skills.

• Cognitive –
o Strengths: The majority of Jennie’s intellectual abilities were seen in her classroom. At the point when Jennie was trying to balance, she extended both of her arms to stay balanced. This demonstrates that she was able to have body mindfulness (proprioception) when required which in this scenario, she understood that by extending both of her arms; it keeps her from maintaining her balance. She was able to count ten or more objects by counting the number of 3D cubes that were given to her during numeracy lesson which she counted a total quantity of twenty cubes altogether. She will be able to count numbers in sequence and understands that the last number is critical as it represents the total number of things in the group. She was able to name more than four colours such as Black, White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. This demonstrates that she has a decent knowledge of colours. She was able to draw a person with more than six body parts starting from the head, hair, body, arms, legs, a pair of hands, and feet. She was able to copy shapes and write words neatly in sentences by using her right hand. She would be able to recognize basic shapes and know the distinctive orientations of the shapes. She could work with a group of four other children within twenty minutes. It shows that she is able to build up her social skills through structured interaction by using language to express her thoughts and needs with her peers to accomplish a task. She has a decent knowledge of the things that are utilized each day at home whereby during their indoor playtime, she was able to distinguish that a ladle is used to scoop food out. As a general, Jennie was able to demonstrate specific cognitive skills.
o Area of Improvement: During the observation, her class was told to sit tight for 5 minutes. After around 3 minutes, she begins to ask, “Teacher, why is it so long?” This demonstrates that she does not have a better understanding of the concept of time.

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Emotional Development:
• Emotional –
o Strengths: It has been observed that when her table partner told her to get a different scissors when she was utilizing it, she attempts to solve the issue by giving her reasons. She was also able to get along well with others in the classroom and/or on the playground. As in general, Jennie was able to demonstrate specific emotional abilities, however; she does not express her emotions well.
o Area of Improvement: At the point when her teacher calls her name out to retell a part of the story “Blown Away” by Bob Biddulph, she was not ready to speak up until her teacher prompted her with questions “What happened to the penguin after she fly the kite?” then she was able to gradually answer them. Throughout the observation, she also did not display any singing, dancing and acting.

Social Development:
• Social –
o Strengths: She appreciates her time with her peers. She was seen participating in a range of discussion with differing accomplices by agreeing to play catch with her playmates. She was able to work with a group of four other children within twenty


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