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Nisa Iceman people of today

I think that the Iceman was more like the people of today than the !Kung were. The Iceman was part of a tribe that had domesticated animals, did not follow herds of animals for food (they had gardens and also animals to eat or feed from), and they also dressed more modern than the !Kung. If I was given no information, and was only given what the eye could see of the two of them I would think that the Iceman was a more recent for of human evolution than the !Kung. The way of life was more like our own for the Iceman as well. His dress was more similar. His weapons were more advanced. Also the Iceman was more advanced in the form of medicines. He used herbs and such things that grew naturally. The! Kung would do dances and talk to spirits. Talking to spirits would be looked at as crazy by the judging eyes of our world today, but if you were to suggest taking a natural herb said to heel people would except it and think nothing of it. This would seem to show that we are more closely related to the Iceman. As far as I have read into Nisas way of life I think that their way of living steps far outside of the social norm of our society today. The things they do would be said to be very wrong today. They do not only a few things to suggest this but many. They have many lovers. They bury the dead in termite wholes. They also have very different styles of taking care of their kids. With all the information on the two of the cultures, Iceman and !Kung it would suggest to me that the Iceman is the likely candidate of our ancestors.


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