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Name: Jhon Lloyd N. Bernadez Year and Section: XI- Heisenberg
Pattern of Development: NARRATION

My first day in a new school

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I know you though that im not showy in my first day at a new school but im not like that ,im different even it was my first da day in a new school I feel the same its just like in my previous school but there’s a lot of pressurebecause my classmates are science high’s.I felt nervous and excited at the same time but im really confident on my self that’s why its easy for me to adjust for them. I know im good but thre better than me that’s why its hard for me to compete with them if other are in my situation would be afraid or shy to share their ideas or just transfer another strand because of the feel that they can’t make it till the end but instead oof doing that I use to study more I won’t let it affect me because I want to be better than them. I will do my best to surpass them I know I can make it because I have friends to help me they’re always there to make me happy they also make smile and I can gain positivities and and I can avoid from being stress and that makes me feel better.If you wonder why I have multiple friends its because im good on interacting people that’s my secret actually that’s not a secret anyone can do that effortless


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