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Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was a modern prophet who gave all of herself and dedicated his life to Jesus cause, Mother Teresa worked tirelessly for the poor believing all she needed was love to cure any disease or to aid poverty. Mother Teresas Missionary of Charity would work under any conditions, and worked to help anyone and everyone no matter what religion, or race. Mother Teresa was a true example of how Jesus wanted people to follow his example. Mother Teresa showed us what was wrong with the world by going to war torn, or poverty stricken countries and would do nothing but try and help. Her example was telling us that there was something wrong and we have to do something about it.

Even when Mother Teresa was suffering severely from a failing heart condition she did not give up, it was like the illness caused her top work harder and push on. Her tireless efforts were awe inspiring. During her years of service people offered to donate the best facilities, with top quality health care equipment. Mother Teresa refused and chose to work with the bare essentials and under the worst conditions. In my personal opinion Mother Teresa is the best example of a modern day prophet in our recent history.

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We have seen many prophets give their lives for just causes in this century, but know one die from over working for her cause. Instead of an terrorist group or government threatening her life, the only thing threatening her own life was her indomitable will to care for and heal the poor and sick.


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