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Moral Philosophy

Moral Philosophy Moral Philosophy 9 – 24 – 00 I. Sam was in trouble when the stock market slide turned into a steep slope. He not only lost most of his millions; he was also exposed as having been engaged in financial practices, which were shady and even dishonest. One evening he was found in his office, a victim of suicide. Those attending his funeral including his wife, children, and his business partners. B) The agent is this specific situation is Sam, due the fact that he acted on committing suicide because he lost millions in the stock market.

In this situation the action that occurs is a suicide act by Sam. The patients are this case is everyone who is involved. Sam is affected because he is not alive any longer. His wife and children will be affected by many aspects, income and companionship and being a positive role model to their children. Even his business partners will feel the impact on their work for either their mourning or they will have to take over his work before a replacement resides. The judge in the case is Sam because he decides to take his own life due to financial problems.

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Define: Agent: Is a person that has, is, or will act on a specific situation. Act: Is basically defined as what is being done in the situation. Patient: Who or what is being affected by the situation. Condition: The state, whether good or bad, of the patient in a situation. Judge: To be put simply, a judge makes decisions.

D) The relationship that exists between the agent, act, patient, condition and judge are as follows. In this specific case Sam is both the agent and patient, this is true for the reason that same did act and commit suicide while being a judge and deciding to take his own life. The relationship between the action, committing suicide, and the patient, who or what is affected, is crucial because without Sam taking his own life no one will be affected to the extent which they are suffering from now. Sam decision or judgment emphasis the action of suicide. II.

When a person thinks of what to wear out, eat, what kind of work to be involved in, whether he gets up from the left or right side of the bed, the color of his car, types of music he likes, which all deal with personal situations. Self-interest deals with a situation as follows; Sal has not given up smoking but will get married. While raising children his health diminishes because of heavy smoking. But it can change from self-interest to a moral issue by thinking, if I smoke, I am not only hurting myself but my family as well. A social situation might deal with two candidates for Presidency, Bill and Bob.

Bill is more qualified but Bill has more connections and money. Bill ends up winning the candidacy not because of what he knew but who he knows. Morals can be best illustrated as “Divorces ought to be granted for reasons for adultery, cruelty, and non-support.” Translating the quote is simply put that not all the conditions should be satisfied but any one of them could bring about this effect. X situation is illustrated as a group of friends finding a case of alcohol thinking that they are lucky, but in the mean while they are being arrested for underage drinking by the police. Define: Personal – one of gaining self-knowledge so as to act in a way to please oneself.

Self-Interest – basically defined as something you like even if it is harmful to you or others. Moral – characteristics of priority over other situations because of their encompassing feature. Social – basically wants the claims of several patients so the person can act on that situation of Social judgment. X – is put in a situation such as a social or moral and is looking for good fortune but receives tragedy. C) Personal interest and social differ from social because of social dealing with several patients when personal is the gaining of one patient.

Moral and self interest differ from each other due to the fact that self interest can be harmful yet pleasurable yet when in a moral situation, value is more desirable than pleasure. For the x situation the morals can be different because of how the x situation could bring tragedy and a moral act as a confidence builder along your life span. III. A judge will need physical evidence in order to prove the defendant guilty instead of just letting witnesses speak with no proof and only their word. A young man is smoking a cigarette, which is fulfilling even though in the long run it will be dead A women is being physical assaulted and the moral thing to due is to help her out yet still hesitate in proceeding due to the consequences. A judge is coming to a decision in a burglary charge on a first time offense, the judge could let him off on community service because of the consequences that will follow if he proceeded with the maximum sentence.

Define: Situation – is basically events that occur in personal self interest, social, and moral situations. Claims – a virtue or demand of something due. Self interest situation – something you do that can pleasurable yet harmful to you and others. Self-interest claims – a demand for yourself to do something that you enjoy but others dislike. Moral situation – characteristics of priority over other situations because of their encompassing feature. Moral claims – you demand and need to prioritize several patients.

Moral judgment – importance of sequences in determining what is rights or wrong. C) A situation and a claim differ due to the fact that a claim is something that is demanded or needed while a situation is an event that occurs. Self-interest situation and a need claim differ from a self-interest that can be fulfilling to one self while a need claim is usually not. Moral situation and a need claim differ from the fact that in a moral situation your priority is due to the patients encompassing feature and not to the demand of the several patients. Moral situation and moral judgment differ from is moral judgment, the consequences determine what is right or wrong and is a situation is the priority over other situations. Philosophy Essays.


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