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Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker In my opinion, all the types of conflict occur in “the Miracle Worker”. There is internal conflict such as man versus self. There is also external conflict such as man versus man, man versus nature and also man versus society. An example of man versus self, is in act, scene eight. In this scene, Annie is struggling with her own memories of her dead brother jimmy and of the state alms house.

There is another example of conflict in the story. This one is of man versus man. It is all of act II, scene three. Annie spends the entire pantomime struggling and fighting with Helen for control. Annie ends up winning and Helen ate with a spoon on her own and folded her napkin.

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An example of man versus society is in act II, scene two. Here, the whole family is seated around the dinner table and Jimmy and Captain Keller are having a conversation about the Civil War. Helen is taking what she pleases off of everybodys plate. When Annie stands her ground and tries to discipline Annie, the whole family tries to stop her because of the pity that they feel. Annie is there for in a struggle for power in the household.

“The Miracle Worker” is a story mainly about man versus nature. The whole play is an example of this. Annie is always struggling against her blindness and defness.


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