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Manchester United

.. ion will allow each club to effectively run its own channel thus cutting out the middleman broadcaster which, in this and many cases, is Sky. BSkyB will doubtless be keen to secure broadcasting or takeover deals with Premier League clubs before this starts to happen. However, any such deal will be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), as are all takeovers. The OFT will examine whether or not the buyout will have competition implications – restricting the access to televise Man Utd. games, for instance.

If the OFT finds that there are implications of this nature the deal would be referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC). BSkyB is already being taken to the High Court by the OFT over a broadcasting deal struck between the Premier League and Sky in 1993. The OFT claims that Sky made the deal, to broadcast games between 1993 and 1996, without first obtaining the OFTs consent (see Newsline). Man Utd.s launched digital TV channel, MUTV, is part-owned by BSkyB, Granada and the club itself; it is initially only available through Sky. It is expected that other clubs may join the bidding now that Sky has got the ball rolling.

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Other possible players include Granada, United News & Media and leisure group Enic. However, any such takeover is likely to meet with resistance. Already sports minister, Tony Banks, has said that the Sky talks should set off alarm bells and described the potential deal as having profound consequences. Alex Ferguson is the manager of the Manchester United Football Club. Manchester United (Man United) that on 26th May 1999, won a unique football treble: The European Cup, The English Premiership and the English FA Cup. It was an amazing achievement won in amazing style by an amazing team.

It was, quite literally, the stuff that dreams are made of. But there is something even more amazing than this particular achievement. It is that in an age who very meat increasingly seems to be hype, and short-term action for short-term gain, Man United achieved through long-term vision and planning. Money didnt buy the treble for Man United. Time, wisdom, strategic thinking, a focus on developing young talent, total commitment and a never- say-die attitude did.

Sure, Man United spent big, but that was only part of the equation for success. Alex Ferguson is a driven man. A man who knows what he wants, sticks to his plans and is prepared to wait and let things mature. He is known to have a ferocious temper. He drives everyone around him very hard; expects nothing but total commitment from his players.

His players know that he will stand by them, that he will never ridicule them in public, that he will defend them to the last. He has time-honoured qualities, often derided in this shiny, new age. One evening, Ryan Giggs mother opened her front door. There was a man there who wanted her son to play for Man United. His name was Alex Ferguson.

She knew that Man United was a great club, but Fergusons presence told her something more important; that the manager cared enough to come to her home. The good old days had as many bad days and bad ways. Today, is a great time to be alive. But those of us lucky to play a part in this great period of change should not dismiss the past out of hand. Because there are values that are as valuable today as they ever were.

Alex Ferguson became manager of Man United in 1986. After three years, he had brought the club no major success. Many were calling for him to resign. But the board of Man United held resolute, looked to the future. In 1990 came their first major title but it was not until 1994 that the planning and the patience truly began to pay off.

Thats a long time to wait in football, a sport notorious for getting rid of managers who do not deliver immediate success. With our Internet stocks frenzy and our quarter by quarter expectations, it is easy to forget that a year isnt really all that long, that five years isnt really all that long. Substance grows slowly. Solidity needs to settle. Style is a finely honed art. Success can take time.

Man United have proven that sporting (and commercial) success of unheralded proportions can still be achieved in the age of the press release, by the time-honoured practices of perseverance, self-belief and attention to detail. Board of Directors : From left to right: Peter Kenyon, Amer AlMidani, Martin Edwards, Maurice Watkins, Professor Sir Roland Smith, Greg Dyke, David Gill Profit before taxation rose to 27.6 million, compared with 15.4 million in 1996. An exceptional contribution of 2.2 million was included in the prior years pre-taxation figures. Turnover for the year was 87.9 million (1996 – 53.3 million) an increase of 65 per cent. This flowed through to an operating profit of 26.2 million (1996 – 14.2 million), a rise of 85 per cent.

Profit after taxation was 19.0 million (1996 – 11.3 million, 9.1 million excluding the exceptional item). Earnings per share were 29.8 pence (1996 – 18.4 pence, 14.9 pence excluding the exceptional item). The Board is recommending a 19 per cent increase in the final dividend to 4.3 pence per share (1996 – 3.6 pence per share) giving a total dividend for the year of 6.2 pence (1996 – 5.2 pence per share). Further commentary on the results is given in the Financial Review. Manchester United has achieved major success and business growth over recent years. So much so that independent research indicates that the Company enjoys a level of turnover and profitability that is ahead of our international competitors.

At every level we are confident of our ability to maintain our record of success. ANNEXURE TO ARTICLE PLAYERS DETAILS Peter Schmeichel Position : Goalkeeper Nationality : Danish Date of Birth : 18/11/68 Weight : 16st 10lbs Height : 64 Date Signed : 12/8/91 From : Brondby Transfer Fee : 550,000 League Apps : 190 Peter is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world by football experts and by strikers as a giant oncoming brick wall. One of the few goalies to have scored a header. David May Position : Defender Nationality : English – Oldham Date of Birth : 24/6/70 Weight : 12st 10lbs Height : 6 Date Signed : 1/7/94 From : Blackburn Rovers Transfer Fee : 1,400,000 League Apps : 54+10 Gary Pallister Position : Central Defender Nationality : English – Ramsgate Date of Birth : 30/6/65 Weight : 14st 13lb Height : 64 Date Signed : 28/8/89 From : Middlesborough Transfer Fee : 2,300,000 League Apps : 300? In a young United side Pally stands tall as the only man to have won a complete set of medals during Fergies reign. One of the unsung heros of Old Trafford, he is a tower of strength in United back 4 and the longest serving member of a rock solid defence.

Denis Irwin Position : Defender Nationality : Irish Date of Birth : 31/10/65 Weight : 11st Height : 58 Date Signed : 20/6/90 From : Oldham Athletic Transfer Fee : 625,000 League Apps : 252+4 The Quite Man of football. Denis is a vital and longstanding member of the Old Trafford squad, also as an Irish International, brings a solid and mature head to the game. Roy Keane Position : Midfield Nationality : Irish Date of Birth : 10/8/71 Weight : 12st 10lbs Height : 510 Date Signed : 19/7/93 From : Notts Forrest Transfer Fee : 3,750,000 League Apps : Roy is the most tempramental midfielder around but one of the best in Europe. He has been dealt a massive blow with his latest injury as he is now out for the rest of the 97/98 season. This is also a major blow to the Republic of Ireland International side which he made his debut for against Chile on 22 May 91. He plays a very important part in both teams.

However, Fergies young fledglings seem to be coping quite well without him as their recent results in the Champions League have shown. It will be a long wait for Roy on the side lines. Jordi Cruyff Position : Winger Nationality : Dutch Date of Birth : 9/2/74 Weight : 11st Height : 6 Date Signed : 20/7/96 From : Barcelona Transfer Fee : 1,400,000 League Apps : 18+6 Jordi made his debut for United against Wimbledon in Aug 96 and since then has scored 3 goals. He has made 9 appearances for Holland and scored 1 goal. Being the son of the brilliant Johan Cruyff alot is expected of him but the way things stand at United he has yet to secure any regular appearances to the first team. Ole Gunnar Solskj Position : Striker Nationality : Norwegian Date of Birth : 26/2/73 Weight : 11st 10lbs Height : 510 Date Signed : 5/7/96 From : Molde, Norway Transfer Fee : 1,500,000 League Apps : The babyfaced genius.

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