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.. way to learn. People respond to those who will listen to them. This is a skill that can motivate people to work effectively as well. Teamwork Someone once told me to use former USSR as an example of how rigid hierarchy doesnt work.

To avoid a stiff structure in an organization, managment would need to let people do their creative best and optimize their talent. An ideal organization consists team-orientated environment where people are being asked to work beyond their disciplines. Departments are working together instead of being rivalary like they did in the past. An effective teamwork doesnt happen overnight. It takes a cooperative group of individuals and a talent leader.

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Here are what a good team is made of: People working together to accomplish a shared sense of purpose. Making goals team goals together. Treating peope like the indivdiuals they are. Making each member responsible for the team product. Sharing the glory, accepting the blame together Taking opportunities to build confidence on the team.

Being involved Being a mentor to each other. Interpersonal Skill Interpersonal skill is another skill that I believe is important. Mangers need to be able to give recognition, praise, and rewards at the right time. People may work for money but go the extra mile when treated right. Everyone needs to be refreshed and supported by receiving recognition for a job well done. Suitable recognition for good work helps overcome failures, if any, in tasks performed.

Organizations should praise, reward, and reinforce employees good performance face to face and in public as soon as possible. On the other hand, a good organization will at some times provide negative recognition. It should be done face to face and in private. This is where managers can be receptive in handling mistakes, complaints, and criticism. Creating an environment where people are open to receiving advice or constructive criticism is one way to approach people when needed. An empathsize that mistakes are a natural part of life is needed. One sure way to get this message across is to have managers admit their own mistakes. Another way to approach people is to think twice before you criticize or assign blame.

If the person who made the mistake already knows how it happened, why it happened, and what needs to be done so it wont happen again, then nothing at all should be said. Theres no point in making people feel worse than they already do. To criticize respectfully is another key point for managers to remember. Id like to be an effective manager and create a receptive environment for what I need to say to my suboridnates. People will be more receptive if I focus on the things they do right as well as the thing they do wrong.

Goals Setting goals is equally important too. Goals give us something to shoot for. They keep our efforts focused. They allow us to measure our success. Therefore, it is essential for an organization to set goals that are challenging but also realistic and clear.

Lets not forget that goals should be measurable. Without specific goals its far too easy just to drift. Time gets wasted because nothing has a sense of urgency. Deadline and follow up doesnt seems to be imortant. It may even by tempting to put off anything indefinitely without any goals. Goals are what can give us direction and keep us focused. Ive learned that once I establish my goals, I have to prioritize them.

The next step is to organize my time and energy to reflect those priorities. Of course, it is okay to change the goals as they may develop and change. It is very important to evaluate them from time to time. My Style/Preference When I completed Myers MBTI questionnarie, I learned that I am ESTJ (Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Sensing). According to the MBTI booklet, people with ESTJ like to organize projects, operations, procedures, and people, and then act to get things done. ESTjs are excellent administrators because they understand systems and logistics.

In addition, ESTJs like to take charge and get things done. However, they often leave people wondering where they are coming from. From my learning in previous classes at (name of College), I learned that it is important for me to be careful and improve the areas I feel I am weak in. As for my strengths, I will opt to strengthen them and try to go further. My experience as a manager is limited to managing a small group of people. When I have the opportunity, I will be managing larger groups. I do notice that my management style has evolved into the direction where I think it should be going to.

Thanks to my time invested in learning more about management at (name of college). I noticed that I am beginning to care more about self-development and looking for ways to be effective in handling people, work, relations, and situations. Summary Ive explained six concepts that I feel is essential in an effective management. Communication is built on trusting relationships which can help motivate people. Listening is another thing that is underestimated by many people. A good team can be formed in an organization if those three are combined.

Like a good coach leading a team to championship, managers with good interpersonal skill can lead the organization to success. Finally, but not least, goals are equally important as well. They must be clear, challenging, well defined, and obtainable. All in all, these concepts are not limited to what make an effective management but are essentials to me. I also briefly covered the result of MBTI questionnaire and identified my strengths and weakness in leading/confronting people.

Most people wants to be more successful and I am one of them. It is important to me that the key elements of good management is outlined so I can be able to evaluate my performance in each of those areas and to follow the guidelines I need when I find a need for self-improvement along the way.


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