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Mac vs. PC

The first decision you need to make when you are buying a computer is what make of computer you need. Do you need an Apple Macintosh or an IBM compatible? One of the major differences between the two compute makes is the type of microprocessor they use. The microprocessor, or central processing unit, is a microchip that handles all the main processing functions of the computer, making it a lot like the computer’s brain.

IBM compatible computers use microprocessors manufactured by Intel. These chips are called the Pentium. Nowadays, Apple is shifting desktop systems away from the Motorola chip to another microprocessor called the PowerPC.
One of the big things you need to look for in a computer is ease of use. The Macintosh wins when it comes to system setup. Because Apple is the only manufacturer of systems and hardware extras, theres not a real problem with compatability. With a PC it’s not that easy. There are so many companies making drives, modems, memory add-ons, and so on, not everything works together quite so easily. You have to first make changes in your systems startup files so it can locate the new components and communicate with them. Although Macs lead in ease of use has diminished over time they still have a slight lead. Macintosh computers also tend to be a little more inexpensive.

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Windows 95 has faster applications than Macs though. It combines file-managing functions in the main screen, just like the Mac interface, and has icons that look like what they represent. Theres a recycle bin that operates like the Mac trash can and an AutoPlay feature that lets you automatically play CD-ROMs without having to install files and directories on the hard drive. I addition, there are new options in Windows 95, like the Quick View feature that lets you peek at a document without having to fully open it, or a taskbar that lets you click a button to instantly bring up a program that is running or minimized. PCs are also making strides in “plug-and-play” peripherals. You can plug a printer, modem, or hard drive into a PC and be able to work automatically.

A lot of people say that Macintosh computers are built more for design, graphics, and desktop publishing. They also say that PCs are better suited for mathematical applications such as spreadsheets and databases. These are both not true. You still can do design or graphics on a PC, just as you can do calculations or better graphics on one system verses the other actually has more to do with the power of the microprocessor, the memory, and other hardware extras.

When you add it up, the Apple Macintosh is a friendly, easy-to-use computer that’s great for kids or adults wanting to use a lot of multimedia r use there personal computer for school. On the other hand, there are many PCs in the market driving down the prices and theres a lot of software available. With the release of Windows 95 they have even become almost as simple to use as the Mac.
Hopefully, this will help you make a decision about what kid of computer is right for you.


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