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Lords Of The Rings

Lords of the Rings Who was the title character (describe thoroughly): The title character is a hobbit named Frodo Baggins (one of Bilbos younger cousins and also his favorite). Frodo is a Brandybuck and a Baggins. Frodo and Bilibo have the same birthday (September 22). Since Bilbo and Frodo had the same birthday and Frodo was Bilbos favorite, Bilbo decided to ask Frodo to come to live with him so they could celebrate their birthday together. The Fellowship of the ring Frodo receives the ring.

The way Frodo receives the ring: Frodo gets the ring from an envelope that Bilbo gave Gandalf and Gandalf gave Frodo. Bilbo did not want to give up the ring but Gandalf took the ring. After Gandalf took the ring in the envelope he gave it to Frodo and told him what ever happens do not put the ring on. Thats how Frodo got the ring. Who are the main characters, and what are their roles: The main characters consist of Sam Gamgee, Marry Brandybuck (a man not a woman), and Pippin. These three hobbits made a conspiracy, which was because after Bilbo vanished the three became suspicious.

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Sam was their spy because it was easy to spy for Sam. The reason it was easy for Sam to spy was because he was Frodos house keeper, so when Frodo and Gandalf talked, Sam could stop mowing, trimming the flowers or what ever the case may be and listen to the two talking. Their roles are: Sams role is a hobbit that wanted to see Elves and got to see them. Also Sam saved Frodo, Pippin, and Merry in the Old forest. Pippins role is a hobbit that thinks he knows it all, and saved them from farmer Maggot. The way he saved them from farmer Maggot is that farmer Maggot hates trespassers and sends his dogs after them, but farmer Maggot knew Pippin and was fond of him so they were not tore apart.

Marys role is a hobbit and a leader ( when Frodo was not). Merry was the leader oF the conspiracy( or at least it seemed that way). I like Merry the best all three because he is not an idiot like Sam and he is not Self centered like Pippin. I like Pippin the least. Tell about the story: At first Bilbo lived alone until he invited his cousin Frodo over to live with him.

Frodo accepted his invitation. They celebrated their birthday together every year. The last year they celebrated their birthday together was when Frodo turned Thirty three (the first year male hobbits enter manhood). On that night Bilbo made a speech and then disappeared ( put the magic ring on ) Just as Bilbo and Gandalf had planed. The reason Bilbo and Gandalf planed this, is because, Bilbo wanted to die in peace So he and Gandalf made a plan.

When Bilbo left he left every thing Frodo Except for the ring. Bilbo did not want to give up the ring and Bilbo got angry when Gandalf tried to take it but Gandalf also got angry and made Bilbo give him the ring. At the time when Gandalf had taken the ring from Bilbo, Bilbo had already began to say things like: My precious, yes! My, my precious! When Gandalf took the ring it was in an envelope with Frodos name on it. The reason it h! ad Frodos name on it, is because Frodo was Bilbo heir and Bilbo was going to give the ring to Frodo, but he had second thoughts Until Gandalf came. After Bilbo left, Frodo stayed in The Shire fore a few more years.

But while the years passed Gandalf found out many things about the ring. Gandalf told these things to Frodo and also told him that the ring was evil and that he had to travel to Mt. Doom in Morador where he could destroy it. On his way to Mt. Doom He met people like Tom Bombadail, Strider, and Mr. Butterbur.

Also on his way when he stops in Buckelbury to leave Pippin (or so he thinks). When he gets there he finds out all about the conspiracy. Strider aside from Merry, Pippin, and Sam is the only one who knows Mr. Underhill ( Frodos) real name. The reason he is called Mr. Underhill in public is because there are things after him called Black riders which are looking for a one Mr.

Bagginess so if the Black riders track them and ask the residents of wh! ere ever if they have seen a Mr. Bagginess the will say, no. This is as far as I am in the book. Did You enjoy this book? (why or why not?): Yes I did enjoy this book. I enjoyed this book because of all of the excitement.

I am still excited about finding out who the Black riders are (or is) and why they are stalking Frodo. I especially liked Tom Bombadail because of the way he talked and acted. I also liked this book because when I read it I felt like I was in the book. I also liked the book because it does not tell right away who the person in disguise is, but it gives you hints. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

Tell some facts about the author: The Author is J.R.R. Tolkien. J.R.R. Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892 and died on September 2, 1973. Aside form the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit he wrote The adventures of Tom Bombadail, Farmer Giles of Ham and many others. J.R.R.

Tolkien taught in South Africa for a while.


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