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Legalization Of Marijuana

This act may be cited as the legalization of marijuana
This bill will be for the well being of the pain stricken patients in our nation’s hospitals, a doctor that will decide if a patient is illegible to receive marijuana.

Patients will only be permitted to get their marijuana at a hospital or a licensed distributor.

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The patients will have to buy the marijuana at a discount from the hospital, or distributor using their own money or if theyre health care will cover the treatment. The discount will be 1/8 of the current street price on pure marijuana. The government will grow their own marijuana in a dis-closed location for security reasons.

The Federal Drug Administration will monitor the distribution and handling of the medical marijuana
This law will take affect 1 year after it is ratified due to the long periods of time needed to locate, distribute and grow this marijuana. Case that needs this treatment now will be allowed the first dosage that becomes available.
Bibliography: ten killers in the United States


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