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Leaving the cave is difficult. Write a 400 word di

scussion on whether youagree with this statement or not. Say why you agree or disagree.

To a certain extent it can be said that leaving the cave is difficult, but
however there are also reasons in which you can say that it may not have
been that difficult.

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It can be said that leaving the cave is difficult as the prisoner has been
there since childhood and if they were to leave they would be leaving
behind the familiar and save environment of the cave that they are used to.

The prisoner may also face physical difficulty leaving the cave as if they
have been chained there since childhood they may have never of walked the
distance that it takes to leave the cave.

However leaving behind the familiar surroundings of the cave, could be seen
as the only difficulty in leaving the cave.

The real difficulty could be said to start when the prisoner is outside the

Once outside the cave the prisoner is faced with the problem of their
sight. Their eyesight would take a long time to re-adjust from the dimly
lit cave to the bright natural sunlight, and so he would be unable to see
any of the things he was told was real.

Eventually his eyes would begin to amend as he becomes used to the light.

Although at first he would not be able to look at objects or people but
only shadows and water. The last thing that he would be able to look at is
the sun, in which he would recognise its role in changing the seasons and

The prisoner would also have great difficulty understanding what he saw in
the cave was only shadows of objects.He would then not be able to
distinguish what the objects he saw were, and would think that what he saw
in the cave was truer than what he was seeing then.

Another inconvenience for the prisoner is that, they may decide to return
to the cave.

If they did they would be blinded by the darkness and would be unable to
tell shadows until his eyes again had to re-adjust.

During this time they would make a fool of themselves, and would find this
time very painful and difficult.

In conclusion it can be said to a certain extent that leaving the cave is
difficult but that can be seen as a physical difficulty and leaving behind
a familiar environment and routine.

The real difficulty could be said to start when the prisoner is outside the
cave, and is faced with problems of his eyesight, and knowing what is real
between shadows and objects that he learned in the cave.

So it can be said that although it is difficult leaving the cave the real
difficulty is continuing life outside the cave.


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