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Latin endings

Chapter 8 Notes
Present Tense Verb Endings
1st Person ( I )sing. (WE)pl.o, mmus
2nd Person (YOU)sing. and pl.stis
3rd Person (HE, SHE, IT)sing. (THEY) pl.tnt
Finding the Present Stem of a Verb
* you can find the present stem of a verb by changing the verb to it’s infinitive form and then taking off the “re.”
Example: Step1. (look at the word) Ambulo
Step 2. (add the “re”) Ambulare
Step 3. (Take off the “re”) Ambula
Step 4. AMBULA is the present stem of the verb Ambulo.

k1) ambulo – I walk, I am walking, I do walk
2) ambulas – YOU walk
3) ambulat – HE, SHE or IT walks
ambulamus – WE walk
Ambulatis – YOU (pl.) walk
Ambulant – THEY walk
ounderlined = verb endingsk doesn’t use the present stem
B: 2nd CONJUGATIONsedeo- sedere
1) sedeo – I sit
2) sedes – YOU sit
3) sedet – HE, SHE, or IT sits
sedemus – WE sit
sedetis – you (pl.) sit
sedent- they sit
C: 3rd CONJUGATION: scribo – scribereE I
*1) scribo – I write
2) scribis – YOU write
3) sedet – HE, SHE, or IT writes
scibimus – WE write
scribitis – YOU (pl.) write
*scribunt – THEY write
*drops last e or I
D: 4th CONJUGATION: audio- audire
1) audio – I hear
2) audis – YOU hear
3) audit – HE, SHE, or IT hears
audimus – WE hear
auditis – YOU (pl.) hear
taudiunt – THEY hear
tHas a “u” in it.

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E: ” To Be” = sum – esse
1) sum – I am
2) es – YOU are
3) est – HE, SHE, or IT is
sumus – WE are
estis – YOU (pl.) are
tSunt – THEY are
tHas a “u” in it.

1) ego – I
2) tu- YOU
3) TBA Latin II – HE, SHE, or IT
nos – WE
vos – YOU (pl.)


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