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Larry page the co-founder of Google always feels the need to make Google a better source of the world’s information

Larry page the co-founder of Google always feels the need to make Google a better source of the world’s information. He supports turning ideas into something of a great impact. His personality, innovativeness, creativity, and intelligence have contributed to the person he is today either as a leader or an entrepreneur. His employees describe him as a person who listens, pushes them to do their best and also passionate about innovation. The main goal of this kind of leadership is to motivate employees, create leaders and also to change employees for the better. Larry Page is a transformational leader. Bass’ transformational theory best describes the theory of leadership used by Larry Page. The four factors that make transformational leadership are; idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectually stimulating and individualized consideration.
One of the factors of transformational leadership is the idealized influence. The leaders are the role models and they lead by example. Their behavior greatly influences the behavior of their employees. Therefore, the leaders carry themselves in a certain way so that their followers can learn from them. They have to portray charisma. Larry Page is described as a listener. Intelligent creative, ambitious, decisive. All this are admirable characters that his employees can learn from. Idealized influence may also help to develop and nurture future leaders for the organization.
Inspirational motivation is another important entails being the driving force behind employees. Also pushing them to bring out their strengths which helps to optimize on them hence increase in quality of services. Larry encourages his employees to work on their ideas no matter how crazy they sound since they may result to something great. Being a leader who worked on his ideas to form a big technological company puts his in a better position to inspire and motivate his followers.
Intellectually stimulating employees to be more creative and innovations. Innovations are important since they help solve problems in various fields. They also work on their n their ideas and also try to bring in new ones due to the changing dynamics of the world. Page challenges his employees to innovate products that are life changing and can solve problems that are faced in the world today.
Individualized consideration is where is the leader takes interest in each employee based on their needs. Through this, the leader is able to follow up keenly on everyone and establish what they are good that. Individualized consideration can help develop future leaders. The leader can also tell the role that best fits each employee.
Bass’ transformational leadership theory is the approach that is used by Larry Page in leadership. This theory seeks to show the extent to which a leader ethics influence the behavior of his followers. A leader has the ability to change his employees through his actions. Bass also built this theory on the four factors of transformational leadership which are: individualized consideration, inspirational motivation, intellectually stimulating and idealized following. This theory, however, has its negative side. It assumes that all leaders have a positive character and this is not true. Some leaders are unethical hence do not set a good example.
Larry Page through his character has displayed all the factors of a transformational leader. His leadership style can be attributed to the success of his company. He is described as a democratic leader who believes in ideas, creativity, and innovation.


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