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King David And Jesus

King David and Jesus are alike in several ways. David was the youngest son of Jesse, a shepherd from Bethlehem. David was “discovered” by Saul when, according to one tradition, he played his harp to sooth Saul’s melancholy. He later went on to slay the giant warrior Goliath, a task which amazed many, since not even trained warriors were able to defeat him. After this, he became Saul’s armor bearer. He had a falling out with Saul because Saul is jealous of David and plans to kill him, but David finds out and ends up killing Saul in battle. The similarities between David and Jesus are as follows.

First, both Jesus and David are connected to Bethlehem. David’s father was from there, and Jesus was born there.

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Second, both Jesus and David amazed elders when they were small children, a feat which shows that there was something special in store for them. In Jesus’ case, He astounded the elders in the temple with his advanced knowledge of the Scriptures. As for David he amazed others when he was able to slay the giant Goliath. This feat was incredible since he was only a small person with not much fighting experience, yet he was able to defeat a giant that other highly trained warriors had died in attempts to kill him.

Third, both David and Jesus came out of no where and rose to power, thus making others fear them. Saul wanted to kill David out of jealousy, just as the high chiefs wanted Jesus dead for they feared that he knew too much. Finally, both David and Jesus met their turning points at the top of their “career.” By this point, Jesus had become very popular among the people, and it was at this point that he was put on trial, just as after David had gained a lot of power as king, he then met his turning point when he had his affair with Bathsheba.

In conclusion, both Jesus and David were similar in several ways, chief among these being the fact that they both were kings in their own way.

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