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Kepler I believe that Kepler contribute order in a time of disorder and chaos. Before Keplers theory was excepted, everybody believed that God controlled everything and earth is the center of the universe. People at the time were very superstitious, they believed in witches. They were very religious as well; they didnt want to accept anything but God. I think there was chaos because everybody was confused.

No one knew the truth of universe and there were many religious wars at the time. Kepler had different views of the world then others because he was a scientist and an astronomer. I noticed that in the play ” A Short History of Night” Kepler mentioned few times that things happen according to angles, geometry. That shows how he was very different from others. He didnt agree with the church.

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He was against what church said and he convinced the others that religion wasnt everything and God doesnt make everything happen. He spent all his life to prove that his theory and at the end he proved that the planets revolve by itself on axis. Which practically proved that church is wrong and that took away some of the powers and belief from the church. This play made me realized how it was in time of chaos. I noticed from beginning of play to end of the play there were many religious wars and battles.

And also how religious people were at the time. There were witch hunters and witches were badly tortured and hunters accused even innocent girls and women and burnt them.


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