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Kelly Couch

Kelly Couch 2/4/97 Per 1 Character Journal Hamlet The last couple days have been miserable for me. The sudden death of my father has complicated my whole life and is causing me much grief. As well, my girlfriend has apparently been forbidden to see me and I have no idea why. My mother is being a jerk. She has remarried after only 2 months of my fathers’ horrible murder. He was the most wonderful man.

He ruled fairly over all of Elsinore and his people were proud of him, but now he has been murdered. I WILL avenge his death though. My mom remarried Claudius, for a reason that only the gods know. My fathers’ spirit says that he killed my father and that my mother was a sort of accomplice. This REALLY ticks me off! My own mother won’t even explain why she married so fast, only that my father is dead and I should get over it.

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I am starting to hate the whole world. Polonius and Laertes told Ophilia that I couldn’t see her anymore. I don’t understand why. It makes no sense, why would they ‘suddenly’ care about our relations? It sure seems that EVERYONE is against me these days! I feel like committing suicide. But, before I get to that point, I must avenge my father. I am starting to plot how I will kill Claudius in my mind. I am not sure whether to make him suffer or just kind of blast him.

My fathers’ spirit has told me to leave my mother, Gertrude, to suffer until she dies. I sure hope that is a LONG time. She has helped to ruin the time that should be fun by allowing for my fathers death and remarriing so soon. I SHOULD be inhereting the throne. But no, my uncle is the new king and I must wait until he dies.

Well, that won’t be to long. I shall slay Claudius soon, avenging my father and me!.


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