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Juvenile’s Rising Above Program The Juvenile Rising Above Program

Juvenile’s Rising Above Program
The Juvenile Rising Above Program (JRAP) main goal is to reach out to children that’s heading down the wrong path. The program is designed to help children to get involved in positive things. I want my program to be able to bring awareness. The program will help decrease delinquency of the youth that has an alcohol and drug problem, needs one-on-one therapy with or without family members. The program will also set out to meet some objectives: Identify the children with drug abuse problems, see how bad the children is abusing drugs and whether they need therapy to cope with any issues, do an evaluation to see what will work with each individual child, and use awards and incentives for all the children that goes through all their treatments successfully. With children they like to be rewarded for their efforts and with JRAP we will do just that.
Juvenile Rising Above Program will target the age group 9-18 years old. That will pretty much be the children who attends elementary, middle, and high school. I will accept both boys and girls in JRAP. I don’t want many restrictions to what group of people that JRAP targets because I want the program to be able to help anyone that can be able to be helped. The program will target delinquent children, children that abuses alcohol and drugs, and children that may need a little more guidance, due to the lack of support at home. Sometimes the reason that children acts out is because they don’t have no one that’ll sit them down to help them. In many cases, children are around their parents that may abuse alcohol and drugs and they just don’t know where they can find help.
Juvenile Rising Above Program will partner with a few agencies that I think our youth will benefit from. The agencies that my program will partner with will be: Juvenile Probation, Social Workers, School Counselors, After School community Centers, Job Training, and Police Department.
Juvenile probation officers will be a good agency to partner with if the children is already on probation to give them extra help. I want the probation officers to be a part of the program, because I want them to be able to let the kids know that’s already starting to go down the wrong path that there is still hope. The probation officers will help supervise youth who have been accused or convicted of crimes and are subsequently placed on probation or under protective supervision. In they will work closely with law enforcement, social services, schools, and parents to help juveniles become successful.
The social workers will be a great aspect to the program because they will protect vulnerable children and support families in need of assistance. Help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. Clinical social workers also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. In that’s something that I would really push for them to be able to do with the children. It’s some many children that have issues that it will be important for the social workers to sit with the children to get down to the root of their issues.
I personally think it’s important for me to have a school counselor being a part of the program, because while the children in school they get to check on them during school hours just to make sure everything is going well for them. Our children spend as much time at school as they do at home, so it’s important to have someone like a counselor to be a part of the process. The counselor will be a member of the education team to whichever school that the child attends, and will be someone who gives valuable assistance to students, helping them with their academic goals, their social and personal development, and with their career development.
The after school program will be for elementary, middle and high school students, offered free of charge to youth and families that’s looking for fun. They will be a program that our youth can be able to have something to do with their spare time after they get from school. The staff will be there to help with homework. There will also be snacks and meals provided to all participants. I like the idea of my program partnering with a community center because it’s some many times that our youth get caught up in the streets because they don’t have nothing to do after school. I want our main goal for the youth to be keeping them busy and out of trouble. It’s so many times that our youth get caught up in non-sense off the strength of boredom that I want to eliminate that problem.
I think that on the job training will be great to partner with because we have them high school students that we would be helping out. I would want my program to be able to help those teens to set them up for success. I want the teens to know all the necessary skills that they will need to know when it comes to a job. Which the job training will be a hands-on method of teaching the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to perform a specific job within a workplace. Our main goal will be for them to not be scared to step out there and take on the working field.
Last but not least, I think it will be cool for the police department to play their role when it comes to helping out their community. Ultimately, the more they help out their community the less they will have to worry about the youth doing something that will cause them to be in jail or dead. Having the police department to work hands on with my program will show the kids that they are not only there when something bad happens.
In conclusion, after breaking everything down about my program the main thing I want is to be able to come together as a community for one common goal and that’s for our youth. I made the program pretty much all school age appropriate for the children, because I don’t want a child to miss out on an opportunity for receiving help and support. I want to be able to spread the word through my program that there is still hope and that you have the resources that you need. I will want them to attend and not be afraid to open up and be ready for that change that they may need. I personally think that it takes a village to raise a child and here at Juvenile Rising Above, we are going to start with one child at a time.


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