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Jonas Story

.. nd wrinkled, yet the words NO FEAR were plainly visible. “You go in.” he said, looking at the cool refreshing water. “Sure I went in.” The man said as he lay back down, and placed his book back into reading position. “Hey Olin,” a voice said coming from the water.

Olin looked toward the teenage boy that trotting out from the water. His skin was pale and soft. He wore blue Addias shorts that pulled over his knees. “Nice shorts ass hole,” Olin said The boy grabbed the towl and rubbed it over his buzzed hair. “I didnt think youll mind,” the boy said as his grin grew to his ears.

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“Its OK bro, but next time ask.” “I will I promise” Olin smiled and said sarcastically, Yea right, Jonas.” Jonas wrapped the blue Hawaiian towel around his waist and sat in the sand. “Did you see that goodlookinggirl atthegate.” “What Jonas? Youre going to have to speak a little slower” “Sure did Justin said from behind fixing his black hair with a part to the side. “I am going to get me a peace of that,” he boasted smiling crooked teeth. You should goforher.” Jonas said, as he shivered from the cold breeze, that just swept in. Olin nodded his head “yea maybe” he said frowning irritably at his brothers speech impediments.

Olin then looked at the rock; a smile came on his face. “Hey Justin lets Jump.” Justin laughed. “No man if you are doing it, youre doing it alone.” “Well if a man gotta be man,” Olin said as he slowly eased toward the water, hoping he would bait Justin into coming. Finally realizing he was going to have to do it alone, he dove into the water. He bravely swam toward the towering rock.

He sat on the east corner, the only climbable part. He briskly ascended up the rock. No terror entered his mind. Standing at the top, fearless he was. He began to count to three. One: he crouched down, rearing to go.

Two: he looked down, preparing his mind to go. Three: He just stood there; fear had seeped in. He looked at the towering cliff, one hundred feet up; its jagged edges waiting to pierce him if he missed. From below voices chanted his name. Every one was watching.

He had no choice but to go. He closed his eyes and jumped. Splash his feet slapped against the water callousing them with war marks. He looked behind; inches he lay from the rocks rugged base. It was close but it was done and he was the man. “Hey Jonas!” He yelled from the water.

“Next I am going to do it at night. Part II The wind blew hard. The rye grass rattled through the air. It was still green from the wet spring, not yet showing the signs of summer. Olin lay submerged in the thick grass.

He was still, like a hunting tiger. He looked down toward the almost barren river. Only Anne rested there. Her eyes looked bright, glee with the tune of summer. Her long hair gently blew over her face.

The womans sleek fingers softly pulled her hair back, showing her lips. Beautiful; stunning; breath taking; they were covered magnificently with no untruthful colors. He wanted to get up, and ask her out, or at least ask her something, but he felt his cheek. It hugely stood out. The zit bulged with its *censored* tip just waiting to burst. She rose from her restful position.

Her slender body was noticeably fine as she walked the sandy shoreline. Her walk was peculiar as she strutted her stuff. Scrapping her feet, she left her path behind. Oh did he yearn to follow, but he just sat there praying for courage. The beautiful woman stopped for a second; snared her petite nose; stared her deep green eyes past the dusk of dark. She looked at the brown object that lay on the other side of the river. This was his last chance.

He felt the crust of his zit. He new he could not do it as he watched her run. She trounced through the water soaking the base of her ranger shorts. Reckless she seemed but truly she was free. She burst across the river and began a slow jog up the meadowy hillside.

She opened the passenger door to the brown sedan. The engine roared as she stepped inside. A cloud of dust was left in her place. Justin had won. Only fragments of driftwood and clusters of rocks lay on the sand. Only her foot prints gave him thoughts of what could of been.

If only it had been simple, and he used his emotions instead of his thoughts. The young man slowly wandered back through the dusk. He saw a crowd toward black rock. The hovered mass sprawled together shining their flash lights. He curiously walked toward the crowd.

The people seemed excited in emotion as loud voices came from within. “Olin,” someone said, “its your brother,” As she neared her face was bleak, almost sad. “What is it,” Olin said. As they stood face to face. He could see tears streaming from the womans eyes. Her arms shook as she tried to place a caring arm upon his shoulder. “Whats, what wrong” he stuttered.

His lips tightened. He pulled his hands over his eyes, rubbing them hard. The woman did not answer; she just stood there melancholia. Olin brushed the womans arm off his shoulder and ran toward the crowd. Jonas lay motionless on the sand, moving only his blood shot eyes.

His pale skin now showed almost no color. His lips were blue: blue like his eyes. His shorts were ripped dangling down his calf. Blood came from his waist staining the Addias symbol. Olins mouth went dry, “Why did you jump?” His atom apple clogged his throat.

“Why?” His eyes clouded with tears. “Why cant you think instead of going by your passion?” Olin cried as he knelt down over the boys body, “Why Jonas?”.


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