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Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner (1915-2016) is renowned as one of the most significant and influential cognitive and constructivist theorists of the twentieth century and specifically developed “the study of the mental processes of thinking” (Harré, 2006: p49). His initial focus was the development of human cognition but psychology at Harvard, according to Bruner had become “centrifugal” (Bruner,1983: p252). In turn, this led Bruner to begin his exploration into child cognitive development, heightening the importance of categorization in learning as well as “challenge the old psychology in the latter years of the 20th century” (Harré, 2006: p.60).
Bruner was highly influential in educational thinking, especially after the release of his book “The Process of Education (1960)” that is now recognised as a classic. Himself and other cognitivist theorists such as Piaget were both interested in child development, and Bruner agreed that biological organisation underlies cognitive development but queried whether age ranges were correct in Piaget’s developmental stage theory.
Similarly to Bruner, I do not believe that a child’s age indicates their level of understanding. Limited description is offered of a child’s learning necessities, capability level, or motivational influences; all of which will have an impact on their understanding.


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