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Jc Watts

J.C. Watts Most Untied States Senators have either prior military experience or graduated from Ivy League schools. With this trend how can one of the most powerful senators in congress be from a state university, be African American and only 38? This Senator really does exist; his name is J.C. Watts of Oklahoma State University. While at school. Watts played football and quickly became the school’s star quarterback.

So how does this average guy become one of the most influential republicans in congress? The answer is simple; through his years of playing football he learned everlasting life lessons. Most people think that football has no life lessons. However it does. It takes a lot of determination to play a sport for 10 years. There are a lot of trials and tribulations that will make you want to quit. Watts shows this learned determination by being one of the youngest, most respected republicans. In 1997 he gave the rebuttal of the State of the Union Address at the age of 35.

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Football also taught Watts the value of getting along with others. This has helped him to work in congress. He knows to listen to others peoples opinions, voice his own, and to know when to admit he is wrong. It also taught how to work with others to accomplish a personal goal. This is probably the most valuable lesson that anyone could be taught. And because Watt has learned this he has been reelected to his House of Representative seat three times Another lesson football teaches you, is how to lose. You can’t always win every time. You have to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.

This is something that Watt does very well. Think about it, he is 38 and is the third most powerful republican. How could he do that by repeating his mistakes or by not learning from them? Every one is human and every one will make some mistakes. As long as you learn not to repeat them or learn from them you will be fine. See, now football goes beyond something to watch on Saturday or Sunday.

It teaches the players valuable life lessons that they can be used later in life. It gives them the determination, self-respect, pride, and values to do what they want. A living example of football’s life lesson is J.C. Watts. Political Issues.


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