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Japans Education System Is Successful

“Japan’s Education System Is Successful” In the writing, Walberg attributes Japan’s economic success to the superior education of its youth. He stresses that Japan does a better job of educating its nation and the U.S. should follow in Japan’s foot steps. He emphasizes the U.S. should change its system of education to produce more productive and smarter children.

Walberg links national prosperity to education. He believes that educating children and teaching them to become more than mediocre can help a nation to survive. Smart children can solve the nation’s problems and invent new machinery to bring in more capital. The smarter the children, the less time it takes them to get a job done, thus decreasing the time and money needed for certain jobs. Walberg believes Japan’s system of education is very successful. The child worries about passing tough exams and wants to go to school. The family of Japan coaxes its children and gives them the mind set of being mediocre is nothing.

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Japan also maintains a hard curriculum that pushes the student to his optimum efficiency. The teaches in Japan do not compare children’s accomplishments and what they have not done. This allows the student to proceed with their peers at maximum rate. The Japanese strive for equality. They recognized how hard a student can work and how fast he can learn.

The student can take entrance exams. Bright, hard-working students that come from poor families have a better chance of being admitted to elite schools than average students with rich families. The Japanese education system works in many ways. Even though it is hard and long hours are put in to learning, the suicide rate is low. Everyone in Japan has a chance of learning, and if he works hard enough he can prosper in life.

The success of Japan and other countries lies in the education of its youth.


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