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Indian Bones

Indian Bones My older brother, Steve went to school out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just recently my family and myself made a trip out to visit him and his surroundings. Some of my favorite places were the pueblos. We took many tours and learned a plethora about the Native Americans. After all of the changes and reform our country has been through, I often wonder how can our society still not treat the Native Americans as equal? In one of my classes, we read an article by Clara Spotted Elk speaking out on this very same issue.

Indian Bones, is a small outcry of just some of the injustices the Native Americans have put up with because the scientific community and many other communities do not accept their religious views. She reveals an estimated 600,000 Indian remains are scattered across the country. Some of the Indian remains can be found anywhere from museums, laboratories, and even on display at tourist attractions. Spotted Elk goes on to point out power and influence affects different ethnic groups, and equates the treatment of African Americans with Native Americans. She also mentions the aid of Sen. Daniel K.

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Inouye by trying to reintroduce the Bones Bill to recover the remains of their ancestors. The mistreatment of the Native Americans is an outrage in itself, but what I find most disturbing is the amount of time that has lapsed, Spotted Elk’s strong evidence is not new. Why have we allowed this mistreatment to go on for so long; aren’t we more civilized? This is inhumane of our race to sit back and allow it. I have tried to go out to Arizona and New Mexico to work with these underprivileged people but the timing and situations have not worked out. However, before I came to the University of Scranton I spoke with some people who are going to help me get in touch with people here for the same program. Clara Spotted Elk’s article has inspired me to pursue my quest to aid the Native Americans. Social Issues Essays.


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