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In Virginia Woolf’s ” The Death of the Moth

In Virginia Woolf’s ” The Death of the Moth, ” the author notices a moth while he was flying energetically until he felt tired, and he died peacefully. Throughout the moth actions, Woolf reveals the reality of how humans forget the meaning of life and face regrets at the time when death comes. More precisely, the tone in the regard of the moth as happy in the beginning to upsetting at the end, a symbol that presents a barrier between the human and his goals, and the metaphor of the moth as life itself, all which underline the stage of a human being life.   
The narrator came to Canada in 1998 in Montreal. Her works keep her busy. She really misses her siblings a lot, and she hopes to see them again. She came to Canada to have a better life like any immigrants, and she wants a bright future for her children. She has a community like another Bengali do because you feel like you are the only one and there’s someone that understand you.


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