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In 2014/15

In 2014/15, the number of unemployment rate in Addis Ababa was 228,664 individuals. 67,867 (29.68%) of the unemployed individuals were male and the rest 160,797 (70.32%) were female. From the above number, the largest number 29,510 (12.91%) was covered by Kolfe keranio sub city following yeka Sub city 29,104 (12.73%). The least number of unemployment was on Ledeta sub city 13,996 (6.12%) following kirkos sub city 15,123 (6.61%). In the same year, from the total number of unemployment, 166,970 of the population (73.02%) was on the age between 18 – 35 years. Whereas 34,556 (15.11%) of unemployed individuals puts on TVET and Degree level of education. In this year, large number of individuals 170,293 (74.48%) educational level ranges from grade 1 -12.


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