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Images Of Music

Images Of Music Images of Music. Music, is a word with several meanings, to some music is simply entertainment, and something they enjoy listening to when they are bored, of going out. For others it is an escape, a sanctuary away from the world, society, and the chaos that might surround their everyday lives. Music plays a very important role in our everyday lives; it can reflect how someone feels towards an individual or an object or it can evoke suppressed emotions. In general, music is a form of expression for ones feelings and emotions without having to say much.

Music can be used for several different reasons, at several different occasions. Music at an Art Gallery is used to help the artist express his emotions and feelings derived from his work. Music at an elegant restaurant is usually soft, calming, music can be used to create a relaxed environment for an individual to enjoy their meal. Whereas, music at a Mexican restaurant or at a kids’ restaurant is often lively and upbeat. At a party, however, Music is used to entertain, to make the occasion more enjoyable.

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A party can be called fun based on the social group, but in many cases the social group would not stick around if the music does not appeal to them. People have a variety of personality types, which can be reflected by the types of music they listen too. Some people enjoy a good rhythmic sound that they can dance to; they appreciate music like R or Hip-hop. Other people enjoy just sitting and listening the music weave it’s melodious spell. Others prefer intense music that is based on the use of drums and electric instruments.

Even different regions of the world favor different types of music. While Eastern music is a thinner sound without a lot of blending of chords, the West listens to music with a thicker sound and a greater blend of tones. Music’s versatility is also used in the media. In movies, plays and TV shows, music has more of a psychological effect than emotional. Music or sounds are use to help the audience visualize the emotional background of that particular scene or simply to aid the visual effects in making the scene seem more realistic. Music helps the audience understand or feel the setting the producer or the author is trying to portray.

For example, in an action film, producers and directors look to add heart pounding, boisterous, vivacious sounds to create the lean forward in your chair and cheer for the protagonist effect. Although music is usually utilized as a source of entertainment, to some music is an escape from the world. After a hard day of work, many find it relaxing to put on their favorite song and curl up on the couch, close their eyes and picture anything out of the ordinary that they would rather be doing. Sometimes music can speak your mind without you having to say a word. Although, the understanding and interpretation of music varies among different age groups, many times the music is designed to attract a certain age group more than the other. To the younger crowds, music such as heavy metal, Pop, R, or Rap containing loud, up to date, and exciting sound effects seem more appealing.

Adults in most instances, appreciate the more calm and soft approach towards music. Although music is expressed in several different forms and interpreted in many different ways, everything leads down to the comprehension of music. Images of the music. vary among their understanding and use. Music can be used to set a mood in an environment in relation to the setting such as in the different restaurants, or scenes of a movie, play, show, and so on.

Music is an audio art. Although, there are no colors on a canvas, music can be used to create masterpieces transcend visual art. Music evokes emotions and can give feelings power in a new dimension. Sociology.


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