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I Was With When

.. you want to have our vitamin-strength pills or power capsules. “. I said we’ll have the second one. George interrupted me ” We don’t got cash! “, I took out a magnetic card and waved it at George. ” All the cash we need is right here! Doc gave it to me.

“. George said ” That our cash? “. Before answering George’s question i told the waitress she could process our order. As she left i said to George ” This card carried 4 trillion bucks. We could buy a lot of stuff with it “.

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George shrank back into his chair. As the waitress came back with our food. I gave her the card and she ran it through a machine she was carrying and then said ” Thank You. “, Then she left. When George started to eat he said ” Good and fast service.

“. After we ate we left the bar and looked around. George pulled me into an alleyway. Just as two of those men passed by on the other side of the road. ” Another Closey..

” said George. A middle aged man approached us and said are you the man who broke out of jail this morning. Without thinking about the consequences about saying yes to the question i nodded. The man said come into our hideot quick. He lead us underground into a building and started to walk in the hallway. We went down the hallway further and went into another room.

Inside were an arsenal of weaponry with a group of people sitting on metal chairs. ” Hey!, What are you doing here! ” said one of the individuals. ” It’s okay, it’s the man being hunted by the RoP ” said the man as he appeared from behind us. ” Oh it’s you. Okay come in “.

When we finally got to sit down. The man introduced himself as ” My name is Varhch Jop, I’m the leader of the underground against Lennie group. “. ” We are going to have launch a full scale attack against lennie’s forces. He’s been treating us like dust for the last few years and making us work like horses.

We are going to overthrow him tonight. “. ” But you are only a group of 4.” i replied. ” Maybe we only have 4 people in a group but we’ll do it somehow “. For the rest of the evening we talked about how we are going to attack and destroy the base and talked about details.

After the last few details were covered we began to leave. A girl about the same age as me and George came up to the leader and whispered something into his ear. The leader laughed out loud and replied ” Don’t worry, we’ll make it back safely. “. The girl gave a warning glance to the leader.

Ignoring her he said ” Let’s go now and let us have freedom once again. God bless us all. “. We left and the girl hastily retreated to her room. Chapter IX When we finally trekked to the side of the base.

We threw grappling hooks over the edge and scaled the fence. George having some difficulties scaling the rope tried to climb the fence with his bare hands. George jumped off and yelled to me on the other side ” The fence is electrified and i can’t climb the fence with this here rope. “. Suddenly remembering my robotic abilities i leaped over grapped george and leaped back. The group stared at me.

The leader yelled ” how the hell did you do that “. I responded by telling them the whole story of how i did get here and how i got shot by lennie’s guards and how my body got replaced by robotic parts. The leader look down at the ground for a few moments. Then he looked at me and said ” My daughter has a half bionic and half human heart. She was coming back from school when she was shot in the heart.

We rushed her to the hospital just to get it repaired on time or she would’ve..” He stops for a few moments and takes a deep breath. Then he dropped the topic and told us our positions. Chapter X We then headed toward the front gate. The skinny man put 2 sticks of r-bombs on the door and blasted it. We ran through the door and into the stronghold.

Suddenly as we entered the stronghold, hundreds of guards came out and started to shoot at us. Unfortunately 3 members of the group were shot right in the head. The leader yelled a mercenary cry and started blasting the guards. I pulled him down just fast enough to escape a shot the flew overhead. The leader said “They’ve killed my 3 buddies!!!!!! I’m going to extract they’re skulls”. I held on to him to stop him from trying to get up.

He punched me in the ribs in his attempt to struggle free, and i let go just briefly, enough for him to get away. The guards stopped shooting and locked him up. George was still struggling with the guards when he was caught and they conked him out with a rock. Lennie appeared behind the molten pile of metal and started to laugh, He said ” Hahaha. Trying to kill me eh’??.. No Way you’ll do that to me! I’ll kill you two by noon.”. He went over to george, ” Man. I thought you and me were friends and now you betray me.

tsk. tsk. Out like a baby.. “. I thought he must have seen me.

That idiot was trying to taunt me to come out, and then probably kill me. I remained silent. It seemed like an hour but finally they went back in and i snuck out of the base without beeing seen. Chapter XI I returned to the underground hideout to study my new strategies. As i sat down and poured myself a VSOP Cognac.

The leader’s daughter came out and i stood up. She asked me where her dad was. I sensed my facial expression change. I lowered my head and shook it. She cried out ” No!, That can’t be!. Your lying.” She ran up to me and started pounding on my chest.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. i said ” The guards took him away!, they also got my buddy!. Control Yourself!. I’ll think of something!”. She put her head on my shoulder and started to cry uncontrollably.

I kept on reassuring her that i’ll do my best to save them but she kept on crying and crying. When she finally regained her composure, She told me she was coming along, I told her it would be very dangerouns inside a fortress like that. She was determined to go in and save her father so we stocked up with weapons and headed back to the fortress for the final confrontation. Chapter XII We blew up the front gate and walked right into the foreyard we then went into the already blown up front door and blasted the second door. We then saw guards coming from all directions.

We took most of them down. Some of them went back to raise the alarm. ” We better move fast you better follow me. ” i said. ” No, To save time i’m going this way to the prison cells.

You go that way and take care of lennie for good.”. Sensing her idea was more ideal i took off in the direction to lennie’s office. Fighting through 20 levels of guards wasn’t an easy task but with my acquired Computer-Aided-Reflexing it’s was a cinch. When i finally reached the door. I kicked it open and went in.

2 Humongous robots approached me and started to shoot me. I jumped onto the ceiling and threw a few coins into the maintenance slot of the robots and they short circuited and failed. Without further thinking i shot Lennie. The shot hit him in the leg and he collapsed on the floor. He yelled ” Don’t kill me, I’ll reform myself from now on. “. That few seconds pondering over that question gave him the upper hand.

He jumped at me with a survival knife in his right hand. I aimed for his head and squeezed the trigger. The shot blasted through his forehead. For that split second, All sound seemed to be silenced. All movement stopped.

Then it was over, Lennie was dead. Thinking about the land we dreamed about together brought back memories but this wasn’t the lennie we used to know. I shook my head to clear the thought. A small voice indicator from the telecom system said “Master Non-functional. Base detonation in 1 minute”.

I ran upstairs and saw the three of them. All three were injured from gunshot wounds. George seemed to be dying. He was delirious and had a cold sweat. He managed to gasp ” I broke 3 ribs when i was blocking an explosion. “.

I i picked up george and carried him on my back. I then went to the roof and jumped to the ground i ran 50 meters and put down george and i ran back to the base i ran back to the 20th floor. I picked up the both of them and heard the voice again ” 2 Seconds “. I just managed to jump off the building and run 15 feet away when the whole building exploded. Chapter XIII I managed to bring all of them back to the underground hideout. I then took George to the hospital and paid the fee and within 2 hours he was healed good as new. George said to me ” Man.

Lennie that Bast*** is now dead, and the town is free again.” Chapter XIV After a few days,we managed to find a Time-Rip scientist. He said he could bring us back to where we were. He asked where do we want to go. I replied 1930’s Era. Town of Soledad.

George looks at me amazed. The scientist presses a button and a piece of glowing red glass appears. The same one that took us here. The scientist says ” The time rip that brought you here was a test i was performing a few years ago. This time warp will bring you back to the same place you came from.

A few hours back of course. “. George taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and say ” What? “. George says “Tell him to send us back a week back so we don’t have to be running away from Curley when we get back.”.

I tell that to the scientist and he updates the data. He asks me ready? I nod, then i walk towards Varhch and say bye and walk towards his daughter. I asked her ” I don’t think i know your name ” . She tells me ” Karen Vc “. I kiss her on the cheek and then i walk towards the time-rip portal.

Before we manage to jump in the father comes toward us and says ” How about us coming with you back to the 1930’s “. I look at George and he looks back at me. I say ” Okay, That’s fine.. you can see our simple lives back in the 30’s “. We wave at the scientist for the last time and leap into the portal.

A few seconds later we reappear back inside the cave. Chapter XV We approach the town and everything was like it was when we left. We approach the ranch. And the boss comes out. You 4 the new workers here? Okay. We were expecting you a bit earlier.

But your here and that’s okay. I winked at George………


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