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I wanted to rip out chapters of my life

I wanted to rip out chapters of my life; spending most of my days regretting and wishing I would have done things differently. However, I sought the courage to change my life, and become who I was really meant to be. Admitting to my imperfections and faults in order to open myself up to the beautiful experiences that brought meaning and purpose to my life. I learned to not simply wish for things, but to have the power to make things happen for myself.
Initially, Seattle Pacific University interested me because it was a private school that offered small class sizes. I wanted my professors to truly know me, offering me opportunities I would not get from a public university. I then transferred to Edmonds Community College because I wanted to stay closer to home to help lower the cost of tuition for my father, who was unable to work full-time due to ongoing treatments for his illness. With an affordable education, I was able to finish my nursing prerequisites and graduated with an associate in pre-nursing.
My reasons for transferring to Seattle University is so I can earn my BSN degree. Reflecting on my experiences at both colleges, I wanted more than just an education. I wanted to be able to explore myself more. To continue growing in a place filled with many opportunities that I can immerse myself into, in and outside of the classroom. To learn beyond the words of a textbook, and learn more about the things that will help me throughout life. Seattle University’s stood out to me because of their mission of developing the whole person perfectly aligned with my goals and values.
My faith and my past experiences have lead me down a path where I can make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. Throughout my childhood, my parents instilled in me the values of kindness, respect, and stressing the importance of giving back to others. Through my studies, I have found that I have an immense interest in the natural and social sciences. I am fascinated by the human body’s complexity and intricacy. Therefore, I want to further my knowledge and contribute it to the healthcare community.
My dream to become a nurse stems from my interests and relationships developed from helping others. As a volunteer at Seattle Children’s Hospital, I have had the privilege to engage with patients and families, to provide a distraction for them to take their mind off of any illness or diagnosis they may be going through. Seeing the problems these children had to face firsthand has inspired me to find a career that serves others. Nursing is the embodiment of both my interests and beliefs.
Being a CNA has enabled me to recognize who I am. Through self-reflection, I have learned that I am a selfless, hardworking individual who is capable of doing anything. Going to school full-time and working part-time was overwhelming, but having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others makes it worth it. I am able to establish relationships based on trust that lets me guide my patients to better health. It is rewarding to know that I was able to be there for someone during the most vulnerable moments of their life.
As my transcript shows, I am fully prepared to transition into the nursing major, and I am convinced that I can meet the academic challenges of this program. It is through transferring that I hope to merge my passion into a program that I have admired for so long. I know that an education and an experience spent at Seattle University is one that will leave an everlasting impact, and has the potential to change my life.


I'm Lily

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