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I Introduction

I. Introduction a. When Elizabeth was born b. Her childhood II. King Henry VIII.

a. his 1st marriage 1. his 1st daughter Mary 2. his devorce with het mother b. changing of religion 1.

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marriage to Anne Boleyn 2. Elizabeths birth 3. Anne Boleyns death c. his hier to the throne 1. Jane Seymour 2. Edward VI 3.

His death III. Elizabeth becomes queen a. Edward VI becomes king b. Mary becomes queen 1. shes catholic 2.

leave throne to Elizabeth c. Elizabeth comes to power 1. change in religion 2. the terrible shape England was in 3. her love affair with Robert Dudley d. all Elizabeths men 1.

lots of emn wanted to marry 2. Roberts marriage 3. Elizabeths marriage IV. Closing a. Elizabeths great reign b. Who took the trone after her Elizabeth was born in Greenwich Palace on September 17, 1533. Her father, King Henry VIII, was disappointed because she was a girl.

After her mothers death she was sent away. There she had everything. King Henry provided for her every need and made sure she was taken care of. She stayed there until her time came to become Queen. In 1501, Catherine of Aragonmarried Arther, Prince of Wales, Henrys older brother. When his brother got sick, his father asked Henry to married Catherine.

They got married in 1509. Catherine gave birth to Prince Henry of Wales, who only live seven weeks (Williams, pg.15). Henry had an illegitimate son named Henry Fitzroy, by an Elizabeth Blount. He died in 1536. Henry and Catherine went on to have their 2nd child together, this time a heathy baby girl, Princess Mary Tudor. Henry broke from the Catholic Church and had his marriage to Catherine annulled.

He then married Anne Boleyn, a Protesant woman. She too faile dot provide Henry with a son. In 1533 she gave birth to Elizabeth. They didnt have a very long marriage. Henry had her behaeded because he thought she had committed adultry.

After Anne, Henry married Jane Seymour. She had Edward VI, who only lived to be 15 years old. This was Henrys first legitimate son. After Henrys death in 1547, Edward went on to become king. He was Protestant, but his reign was cute short by a disease that took his life in 1553.

His half sister moved in as Queen Mary. She was Catholic and very coldblooded. The people of England named her “Bloody Mary”, because of her persecution of protesants. She too had a very short reign, from 1553-1558. On November 17, 1558 large crowds of people wiated outside the Palace of Westminster to hear that there Queen had died. That day they also hear that they had a new Queen, Elizabeth.

Many people were disappointed. Some didnt like Elizabeth because she was protestant and she wasnt married, others thought she would bring back some of the things England had lost. Elizabeth had to fight a battle to get the English council to lighten up on the religion. All of her intire Englsih Council or church was catholic. She changed that though. Elizabeth hired people like Sir Francis Walsingham and Sir William Cecil to advise her with what ever she did.

They stayed by her side for the next 40 years. When Mary died, she left Elizabeth with a huge dept. England was falling and everyone wanted something from her. Many Kings and Princes wanted to marry her, but she wanted nothing to do with them. She was already inlove with a man.

His name was Robert Dudley, she made his earl of Leicester in 1564. He was there since before she became Queen. She had him in her bed a few times and the town started to get suspicious. She very well wanted to marry him, she soon found out he was married. Some time later his wife died a really weird death.

People thought that maybe he did it. Even thought it was never proven, the two were never married. Elizabeth didnt have it in her to rule like her sister. She wasnt hard and she didnt really know anything about being a Queen, so when it came time to go to war she had no idea what she was doing. She lost her first fight against Spain. Her weekness made her worry more. There were still many people who were catholic.

Many of them tried to make a plot to put her Catholic Cousin Mary Stuart, Queen of Scottland, on the English throne. Because of the constant conflicts of religion, Elizabeth had Mary Staurt imprisoned for 19 years, and then had her killed for know reason.


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