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I Am A Fool

I very much enjoyed reading the short story Im a Fool. It was very readable
and it made a lot of sense to me. I know exactly what the narrator was feeling
and thinking in the story, as I have been in similar situations. There are often
times when you feel that it is necessary to build yourself up in order to
impress someone-usually a female for myself. I dont know why I do it or why
other guys do it, but we certainly do. Perhaps it is to simply impress, or maybe
to make me feel like I am an important person and the young lady had better give
me the time of day. Whatever the reason, it most definitely a silly thing to do,
especially when you cannot “deliver the goods” or produce what your mouth
has been talking about. That part tends to be very embarrassing and pushes the
girl away because she now thinks of you as a liar. I am fortunate now to have a
girlfriend that knows everything about me, and I did not ever feel I had to lie
to impress her. It is humorous, though, to watch my friends make up things when
they find a female, and then get tossed aside for not being honest. I suppose
after a few more times they will learn, as the narrator surely did after his
silly mistake. Im a Fool was a very good story and a great example of how NOT
to court a female. Its painful moral is one for young lads to remember.


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