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Human Nature

My belief about human nature is best summarized by the thoughts of Fr.

Montaigne. I think that the idea that man is a hypocritical and contradictory is
a true idea. All people, whether they like it or not, have opposing
characteristics. These undesirable attributes are prevailing in everybody.

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Not one person, of reasonable intelligence, can truthfully say that they
have never lied. Even, if they are mostly truthful, there is time in everybodys
life that a lie, a falsehood, an untruth is present. It would be ignorant to say
that one single person is immune from the trait. Also with the example of being
clever and stupid. Both qualifications are present in a persons life within any
given time. It is not hard to understand that man has very hypocritical
characteristics, but the more important question is why?.

The inconsistency in peoples lives raises the question of why are people
the way they are? I am a very religious person and believe that God has a
reason for doing everything. What that reason is, I am not in a position to say
and that is the reason I pursue my religion more. That is not to say that a
person can not control their own lives. It is the persons own responsibility to
make their own decisions , therefore if a person does something hypocritical, it is
not fair for them to say that it was because of their human nature that drove
them to do it. God may have the plan, but it only works if a person takes
matters into their own and hands and take responsibility for their own actions.

In closing, God works in mysterious ways. If a person believes that they
know everything about the Lord, what is the purpose of following their religion?
Man is often confused about their life, the way they are, what they want to
become. Human nature may account for some of this but the rest is left up to
the person alone to figure out and overcome.
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