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However, due to the shortage of skilled workers being an ongoing challenge for the construction industry overall, with the (SCSI/PwC Construction Survey Report 2017) survey identifying a lack of sufficiently skilled crafts workers, quantity surveyors and engineers as particular areas of concern. This shortage creates heightened concerns as the CIF has forecasted sufficient demand for construction requiring 112,000 additional workers up to 2020 to deliver on the ambitious targets set out in the Government’s €43billion Capital Programme,
In an effort to cater for increased activity, a number of short term solutions have been devised to address the challenges, particularly for qualified trades. In 2017, the CIF worked with the Government and its agencies such as SOLAS and the Education and Training Boards to attract young people into the industry, upskill those on the live register with relevant experience and to attract those in the Diaspora with construction skills. , including sourcing labour from abroad
the industry is focusing on dramatically increasing the number of apprentices in the industry to an annual rate for sign on of 4,000 to sustain forecast activity. There were only 4,400 apprentices across all trades in construction in 2015 compared with 23,700 apprentices in Q4 2007. This year so far there were around 1,500 new registrations so progress is being made but if targets are to be recached efforts must be doubled due to underinvestment Ireland is playing catch up with an economy that has expanded strongly in the meantime.


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