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How To Make A Web Page

How To Make A Web Page Have you ever sat down at your computer and wondered how web pages are made? Web pages appear as though they would be hard to make, but they are actually quick and simple to build. There are two basic ways to build a web page. One way is through a program that can be downloaded, called CuteHTML. CuteHTML can be downloaded from, or The program itself is built out of HTML, or Hyper Text Makeup Language.

After the program is downloaded, the first thing to do is register a domain name such as The next step to is to come up with an idea of what is going to be on the web page. Once the CuteHTML program is opened there is a list of HTML codes that need to be memorized in order to create the sight. For example, some text may need centered at the top of the page. The HTML code, *align center*(text)*align center*, will need to be typed in order for it to be placed in the position wanted.

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Pictures are very common on web pages, and can very easily be added. A scanner will be needed if using photographs instead of computer generated images. However, a simple page can be made much better by either buying or downloading graphics programs such as Banner Maker Pro or Adobe Photoshop. They do not take up much space on the hard drive so it is worth it to download them instead of buying them. These programs are used to create graphics from scratch.

The user can choose to make a graphic whatever size, color, or shape that is wanted. Flashing, or animated images, also gather attention. Previously made images can be turned into animated images by entering codes from the new programs around the graphic on the web page. Scrolling text across the page often makes it more intriguing. This can be achieved by downloading a Java Script program and learning the codes for it and how to incorporate them with the web page.

The key to making a good page great is organization. After putting in all the text, pictures and codes, the next step is to arrange them in a professional looking manner so it doesnt appear that the page was made by an amateur. The second way to create a web page is to purchase a program such as Net Objects Fusion 5.0. Net Objects is mainly used by professional web page design companies, due to its high cost. After installing and opening Net Objects, go to the create a new web site page.

Programs such as Net Fusion are often more restrictive than building a sight from HTML codes only. It has pre-selected places on the new sight where text and pictures may be put in. With this program, the user doesnt have to learn the actual HTML language. All the user has to do is open a picture file on the computer and put it in one of the pre-selected areas. However, Net Objects does make the web page look more professional than building a sight out of HTML codes.

Web Page building is one of the most sought after jobs in the computer field. It may first appear hard when trying to learn how to construct a sight, but after a little practice it is very easy. With the right programs a basic web page can be made in about two hours. Now all that is left is to publish the page by clicking the publish button. This will allow other Internet users to look at the page that you have worked so hard on.

Next time you sit down at your computer you can type in your website address and admire your masterpiece. Computers and Internet Essays.


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