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Holland Selfdescription

.. skill who has a good idea of what the real world is about, and therefore see things realistically. This specific style we take me into such careers as mechanical & electrical engineering, as well as engineering technicians. The most conducive work environment would primarily be indoor based, in a environment that would facilitate me being able to work in groups, with my colleagues and also at times to work by myself. Holland Type #2 (Investigative) I have a strong liking for studying and solving math problems. I am not the leader type so I try to avoid try to teach people, try to sell them something or try to persuade them to think like me or to have my opinion.

I live science problems just as much as I like math problems because I have a strong or good value for science and all that it pertains to or deals with. I am a very precise, scientific and am quite intellectual. The lobs that this type will take me into are jobs such as a physicist, computer programmer and computer systems manager. The most conducive work environment for this job is one where I can work with others to solve problems and make things work. Because of the nature of this job, I will mostly be working indoors where the climate can be controlled and conditions regulated.

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PERSONALITY TYPES The four assessments that I completed gave me a whole lot of information. They told me some things that already knew, but it also told me some things that didn’t know. Based on the info that I put into the various questionnaires I got some valuable feed back which I can now sue to determine what will be the correct or best suiting job for me. Assignment #1(The Career Key) According to John Holland’s theory, most people are one of six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and conventional. From the information that I gave when answering the questionnaires, I was told that my strongest personality type is Realistic.

I agree with this because of the fact that I am a modern day person, who looks at things for what they are, and what they are capable of. When I searched the career list under the heading of realistic I found that most of the jobs that I was interested in could be found there. Some of the jobs that were under this subcategory were mechanical and electrical engineering, engineering technician, drafter etc. all of which I have a strong interest in. The second most popular or the second highest score was a tie between artistic and investigative, but when I looked under each heading for the different jobs I found that I had more interest in investigative than artistic. Under the heading of investigative I also found a few jobs that also aroused my interests.

These jobs were fairly similar to the ones that were selected in the first one as they have the same mathematical and scientific background. These careers were physicist, computer programmer and computer & information system manager, which are all in the same general bracket, so most of my careers choices were in the area that I was really interested in. Assessment #2 (Keirsey Temperament Sorter II) From the second assessment I was told that I was a Performer Artisan. What this was suppose to mean is that I was suppose to be a fun-loving, optimistic, realistic person who was focused on the here and now. When I heard the name I thought that I was not the correct description of me, but after I read the description I thought it actually started to sound like me.

It also said that I was an unconventional, bold, and spontaneous person, which again was relatively true. I like being spontaneous and unconventional. It keeps people guessing as to what you’re going to do next. I am a playful type of person and I am one who trusts his impulses and seeks stimulation in the things that he does. I prize my freedom and want to make a splash in the lives of others. When I look at this assessment in relation to the first, I don’t see much relation but the this gives a relatively accurate description of the way I carry myself.

I am expressive, observant, tender-minded and probing and I often have the ability to delight those around me with my warmth and good-humored. Assessment #3 (Learning Style Type Indicator) This assessment told me that I was in a group of people called overseers. This was one of the assessments that did not totally agree with, but as in all have some parts that relate to me. It was consistent in describing my actions or outlook but not as consistent in the career selection that was given from before. Overseers are outgoing, community-oriented people who enjoy working with others, and also enjoy being in positions of authority.

This group is special for taking pride in doing their jobs competently and effectively. They’re skilled at instilling these values in others and therefore make excellent managers and supervisors. They enjoy interacting with others, but they never let their sociability get in the way of performing the job at hand. These people are very practical in nature and don’t enjoy working with the abstract or theoretical. Management, accounting, and law enforcement are examples of professions commonly chosen by overseers. Assessment #4 (College Board Career Search Questionnaire) This last assessment was consistent with the first and was able to finalize my career choices in that it gave me a final list off the top or most compatible careers compared to my answers to the questionnaire.

From this list I could see that the careers I had I mind are compatible with my likes, dislikes, skills and abilities. It also told me that the conditions, under which I would be working, if I were to take up one of the listed jobs, are conditions that I have chosen and am willing to work in. CAREER LIST 1: Electrical or Electronic Engineer 2: Mechanical Engineer 3: Aerospace Engineer 4: Computer Programmer 5: Engineering Technician English Essays.


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