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Social Anxiety Disorder
Social anxiety disorders affect many people throughout the country. They can, in a sense, cripple the attitude that a person has towards the outside world. Sometimes a social anxiety disorder can be though of as just being shy, but it never goes away or lessens. As time goes on, the person will get worse and worse if no treatment is administered. They could possibly confine themselves to their own home, and never set foot outside unless it is absolutely necessary.
An anxiety disorder is often called “Social Phobia”. Social phobia’s basic definition is: “a persistent dread and avoidance of situations in which the person is exposed to possible scrutiny by others and fears acting in a way that will be humiliating or embarrassing”. If a person has this particular phobia they will go to the greatest lengths to not have to do any kind of activity in public. These actions go from writing on public, speaking in front of people or a variety of other different things. It is so hard for a person to overcome this disease because it is such a natural thing to do and that person is scared to death of it. They are so scared to do anything normal, that they resort to spending all of their time trying to stay calm and not panic.
There are a few different situations that people with social phobia are: “speaking in public, eating in front of others, losing control of one’s bowels or vomiting in public and hands trembling when writing in the presence of others”. Some of the symptoms that people with this disorder experience are: “pounding heart, sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath, choking, chest pain, nausea or abdominal discomfort, jelly’ legs, dizziness, feelings of unreality or being detached from yourself, fear of losing control/ going crazy, fear of dying, numbness or tingling sensations and chills or hot flashes”. These feeling are so tremendous, that they interfere with daily life and the person goes to extreme lengths to avoid the problem area.

“Social Phobia is the most common disease that affects United States adults.” The other more common names for social phobia are stage fright and performance anxiety. The symptoms are the same with stage fright and social phobia. Another symptom are “butterflies” in the stomach and the common sweating and shaking.
Although there is no definite cause for people why people develop phobias, many psychologists believe in 1 theory. The theory is that a phobia can occur from an unresolved conflict or “emotions and impulses that remain unconscious.” Most adults never can overcome their childhood fears either, they fear only gets worse and begins to take over their every-day lives. Another theory that has been introduced by scientists is that phobics get their fears from their genetic makeup. “Most phobics remember being afraid of things at ages four and five.” Different scientists and researchers have found low levels of dopamine in the brains of phobics, these findings suggest a cause for fears but it is not definite yet.

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Many phobias can be treated today and in many cases, are cured. If a phobia is left untreated, it can either get out of control or diminish on it’s own. The first step that a person needs to do in order to overcome a fear is to face it. They have to admit to themselves that they have a problem and they want to overcome it. If the fear that they are experiencing is in any way control their every-day lives, that person must get professional help immediately. Getting professional help is the best way towards a better life. There are 2 types of treatments that can be administered. The first is to see a therapist and seek help that way. The other way to seek treatment is to see a doctor and get medicine to help the phobia go away. No matter what type of treatment is used, each can help for a speedy recovery. Once recovered, the once phobic can now leads the life that was deprived by them from their phobia.


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