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His Bright Light

His Bright Light In Danielle Steel’s His Guiding Light, Steel expressed that its better to try, and then fail, then to have never have tried at all. Steel’s son Nick Traina was a good person; ” He was not a bad kid he was a sick kid.” He tried to do his best and wanted people to love him for whom he was. “I want people to know they can believe in me and trust me.” Steel said, “All I wanted to do was to help him.” Nick was sick and needed help and her heart was filled with love and hope for him. Nick Traina, “Was not a bad kid he was a sick kid” many people tried to help him throughout his life. Nick had a mental disorder, and when a person is mentally ill the people that are supposed to love them give up, and sometimes put them in mental institutions. When abandoned they tend to feel unwanted and unloved and go into a downward spiral of depression.

That’s one thing Steel never wanted Nick to feel, unwanted or unloved. She was determined to do everything to give her son what he needed. Nick was in an ill state of mind, Steel said; “All I wanted to do was help him.” The only person that could help him was himself. He wanted to change he knew he was putting the people he loved through pain, he could not do it on his own. No one can make a person change; someone can help them, guide them, and love them through their struggle of change.

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They will only succeed if they want to. Nick said, “I want people to know they can believe in me and trust me.” When you trust someone you put all your faith in that person. Steel tried to trust him but every time she thought she could he would destroy the only trust that she had. She believed in him, she knew he could get better if he just tried and when he did try things were better. The only thing you can do is try, and that’s what Steel did she tried to give him the best life, to understand his pain and turmoil.

It is very direful watching a person you love go through life, day by day battling a demon inside of them, knowing one day the demon will devour them.


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