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High School

High School Before I started high school, elementary school teachers told me that no one cared about you at the high school. It was a different world and you had to do everything on your own. As I started my first semester, I was working with As and Bs, and great conduct. I learned a lot though. It was true; most teachers really didnt care about their students and followed a lesson plan that had been in repetitive use since the 70s.

But that wasnt a problem. I like looking at things from all perspectives. If you know what your opposite is thinking then you know how to outsmart them. When you assume, you only realize that you didnt know anything and you just screw yourself more. Sitting in my algebra class, doing my homework every night, I realized that there is a lot of busy work involved in this teachers curriculum.

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I dont like busy work and I dont like wasting my time. I dont like the fact that teachers were giving me work just so they could put grades in books. So I basically decided not to do my work and copy it. Why not? I listen in class and I understand the stuff, so for all of second semester I never did one assignment, and passed with a happy A. This was fantastic.

That summer I took Biology. Copying homework was one thing, but cheating on a test was going to the source of what you really knew. True knowledge is how you apply what you learn not just knowing it. My teacher that year couldnt have cared less about his students, playing endless videos while I slept. Sleep!!! Another subject that became a habit in later months. But doing endless worksheets by copying right out of textbook was not my idea of learning.

So I just copied some more. One thing lead to another and I was making cheat sheets for the tests. Little did I know that my friends were way ahead of the game. They had the answers to the tests from last years students. Wow. Now I dont even have to make cheat sheets, even easier.

And who was worried about getting caught. My teacher would fall asleep during the tests and videos. If a teacher does not teach, a student cannot learn. If a student cannot learn he cannot pass a class. If he does not pass his class he is considered either a slacker or stupid.

So in order to survive, I had to use my methods. What could I do? I felt lost in this biology class but again passed with a B. I see teachers as people. Some people see them as everlasting machines, always here to help you and explain to you when you dont understand things. A teacher is a person who works. Not for the money, so Ive heard, but for the children.

They breathe, eat, and you might even see them at a restaurant or the market. You might not see the point of all this and how it relates to education but there is one. What is a corrupt system? If a student works hard and gets an A he earned it. If a student cheats and gets an A, does he deserve it? Yes. Why? A story I heard once explains it all.

A man pays eight dollars to go see a movie, another man sneaks in from the back, he doesnt pay. My point? Do they both see the movie? Yes. Credit is given to those who earn it, but it can also be taken and given to those who dont deserve it. But it is still given. Some people see school as a place where they can get good grades.

But screw the grades. You can kiss a teachers ass, suck up, do all the, busy work, extra credit and still end up with an A that means nothing. This year a friend of mine received a C in one of their classes. When the news of this C came out, my friend hyperventilated and left the room. I couldnt understand what happened.

When my friend came back to class, he told me that he would not come to school anymore etc.. because of that C. As I explained before grades represent nothing. I talked to the teacher after class explained my friends situation and his grade was changed to a B the next day. You are supposed to learn at school.

If this is the way grades can be given then why work. In life, you will never learn anything unless you want to. You are your own teacher. Thats probably why I sleep in some of my classes. In my sophomore year, I was transformed into a new person.

I had seen it all. People talking there way up from grades, every cheating technique, and I even created a schedule where I would copy each homework assignment the class before. I never did a thing. The truth had hit me. My grades and everyone elses didnt represent what they knew. Who cares about European socialism? “I am not European, and I am not very social” Ferris Bueller.

School had become a daycare center. With all my free time I watched plenty of TV, and read more then enough psychology books. During sophomore year, school did teach me something. I was soon able to associate with everyone and talk to them to get what I wanted. I first learned how to make people laugh, even at themselves.

Humor was the key to getting people on your side. With that I learned how to piss people off, the reverse of making them laugh. Then, how to make them think, and how to make them feel. I basically learned how to manipulate people and those of you who know me wouldnt understand it or realize it because thats the whole point, your not supposed to know. I will never forget an experience I had. My IAT teacher gave a worksheet and I had no resources (people), to do it for me.

I went up to a random AP calculus student. He happened to be Asian. He did not know a lot of English but his math was excellent. I talked to this perfect stranger for about 3 min. There were about 15 problems on this page.

I gave him the paper, and it was long busy calculating work. In 3 min, there were 7 people from that class working on this one worksheet. I will not lie; they did it in 5 min. I copied their work got my A. The test came, I got a C, I was a happy guy.

I knew then that school was not a complete waste of time. If you look beneath the classrooms and the students, you can see that there are three types of people. If you do all your work, study, make sure everything is perfect, get As on all tests, this taking you many hours, and still having time for band or other school activities, you may be smart but probably lack personality. People skills are a key element for the real world, which is where most students hope to end up. So I think that without these skills your knowledge will get you nowhere.

If you do no work in school, smoke weed all day, and dont even care about your classes you will probably also end up nowhere. If you try to get As and try to get all your work done, you are probably the average student. But there two sides to this kind of student. If you let school control your life you will never be able to be on your own. You learn to need the grade, and to be evaluated so bad that if you dont get what you want you cry.

Those who can accept the C or the occasional D will able to accept other problems in lif …


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