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.. hand and not care. The narrator works at his rehabilitation while the soldier believes it will never work. One day while the narrator is working at his rehabilitation he starts to give up hope. The soldier then starts yelling at him about how dumb he is because eventually it will work. The soldier goes to make a phone call after the fight. After his phone call he apologizes to the narrator for yelling and tells him that he has just lost his wife.

The narrator then realizes that the soldier wasnt worried about losing his hand he was more worried about his wifes life. Never give up no matter what the odds point to. This theme refers back to The Old Man and the Sea. Santiago went over 80 days without catching fish, but he would not give up. People would talk about him, but he still went on and didnt let them get to him.

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When Santiago set out on the eighty-fifth day he never thought about catching a marlin as big as he did. After being out for several days people were amazed when he returned home with the marlin skeleton, even though it was just the skeleton. People told him his bad luck was finally over. Lost love can be found but not always kept. This theme acquired from A Farewell to Arms. When Henry and Catherine meet for the first time Henry tries to seduce her. Henry then has to leave for war. Henry then was sent to Milan after leg wounds to recover.

That is where he meets up with her again by a coincidence. There they began a passionate affair and fall deeply in love with each other. Henry is then sent back to war after his recuperation. Henry is so much in love he deserts the Italian Army and escapes to Stresa to reunite with Catherine. Catherine at this point is pregnant with their child. They escape to Switzerland together where Catherine goes into labor.

Things go terribly wrong while in labor and both Catherine and the baby dies. The theme for The Killers is sometimes death isnt supposed to happen. Ole wasnt at the restaurant where he normally goes the night Al and Max planned on killing him. SYMBOLISM In Hemingway the symbols are implicit: they follow the laws of reality to such degree that in themselves they form a whole, full-blooded story (Esther Murer 4). The reader is at liberty to discover that he is dealing with very profound and true symbols.

Most readers do not discover it at all, and read Hemingway just about the same way they read any ordinary stories. Like the Macombers, Harry and Helen would seem to be an ideal couple with everything to live for. But Harry is a morally sick man; his physical wound is symbolic of his inner illness. The wound to his leg epitomize his sickness, for it is a type of wound and has been subconsciously self-inflicted. (Harry had neglected a thorn scratch and then treated it improperly.) Like Francis Macomber he has been partially responsible for the loss of his manhood, and he has, or imagines he has, a devouring mate eager to seize any sexual advantage. (The Snows of Kilimanjaro) In In Another Country a symbol is when the Italian soldier returns three days after, after hearing his wife was dead wearing a black band on his sleeve to signify mourning. Santiago is a symbol of Jesus showing how both of them went through so much suffering.

When he returns home after catching the marlin he carries part of the boat up over his shoulder and that symbolizes Jesus being crucified. Santiago has to stop several times to take a drink of water symbolizing the people giving Jesus a drink while he was on the cross. When Catherine dies, Henry is forced to face death. It said her body was like a statue. IRONY In The Snows of Kilimanjaro Harry is the type of man that believes he can handle anything that he doesnt have to worry about those so-called minor things in life. Due to his carelessness he became infected with gangrene.

As a result to his heedless actions he died because he never took care of a minor thing. In The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber its ironic how Macomber first fails and then succeeds in hunting, develops self-respect, but has his life ended just when it began to be enjoyable. What is meant by that is that Macomber first scurries away from his fears. He then becomes so fed up with his wifes comments he goes out and challenges his fears by winning, and gains self-esteem. His wife is so distraught that he did this that she kills Francis. In Another Country a soldier , a champion fencer, went to war knowing he was facing death but didnt worry about it.

As a result he had to leave war because he had a wounded hand and had to be put in rehabilitation. At this point he was aware of the fact that his wife was sick. He went to phone her and was then notified by the doctor that she died of pneumonia unexpectedly. The irony of The Old Man and the Sea is that Santiago worked so hard to keep the marlin and all he returns home with is the skeleton. It all began on Santiagos eighty-fifth day he caught a marlin bigger than any other marlin he has ever seen.

Santiago goes through two days and two nights of the pain of his shoulders, back, and hands because the marlin is to big to just tie the line to the boat. When he finally kills the marlin he ties it to the boat. Later sharks come along and take the marlin bite by bite. He was able to kill only a couple of the sharks but then he became to be too much. Eventually there was nothing left of the marlin but the skeleton. Its ironic how Henry and Catherine go through so much together but yet cant spend many years together. They are only together for a short time but still have a deep passion for one another.

In The Killers its ironic how where Ole was supposed to be killed was a saloon. A saloon used to be a place where shootings happened a lot. Its also ironic how Ole didnt show the night the men planned on killing him. SETTINGS In both The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber the setting is in Africa during the 1920s while game hunting with their wives coming along on the trip. The importance of the setting in The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber is that if Francis did not go on the safari he would have never conquered his fears.

If Harry had never returned to Africa, he would have never been infected with gangrene. Both A Farewell to Arms and In Another Country takes place in Milan during World War I and II. All the main characters are at the health centers either working or recuperating. The Killers took place in an American city around the 1920s. The Old Man and the Sea takes place off the coast of Cuba where Santiago catches the Marlin.

Santiago is from a small fishing town that doesnt have much to offer. Most of the people around there fish for a living. With Santiago going eighty-four days without catching any fish it is hard for him to survive. If it wasnt for Manolin he would have nothing to eat and no way of buying fishing bait. A FAREWELL TO ARMS In A Farewell To Arms the novel follows the classic romance formula until Hemingway alters the last chapter. The classic romance formula to many would be: man meets woman, man loses woman, man gets women back. The man in this novel is Frederick Henry, one of the central characters and the narrator. Catherine Barkley is the other central character.

Frederick is a young American ambulance driver with the Italian army in World War I. The Italians are fighting in the Austrian War. While working on the front lines Frederick meets a beautiful Red Cross nurse named Catherine Barkley, whose fiancee has already been killed at the battle of the Somme. Henry is immediately attracted to her and at first tries to seduce her as if it was a game to him. Henry becomes wounded by a trench mortar shell and is taken to a hospital in Milan to recuperate, there he meets up with Catherine again who is working at the hospital.

Henry and Catherine begin a passionate affair but he has to leave Catherine when he has recovered to return to the war front. The Italian forces are defeated by the Austrians and Germans and have to retreat hastily. The Italian forces become disordered and chaotic. Henry is forced to shoot an engineer sergeant under his command. In the confusion he is arrested by the Italian Military police and charged with the crime of not being an Italian.

Henry , knowing he faces death, dives into the river and escapes. He swims to safety and boards a train to Stresa. He reunites with Catherine, who is then pregnant with his child. With the help of an Italian bartender, they escape to Switzerland, a neutral country war. In Switzerland they forget the past and Henrys troubles.

The two of them live happily and plan to marry after the baby is born. When Catherine goes into labor, however, things have an unexpectable turn, a turn for the worse. The doctor announced that her pelvic was too narrow to deliver the baby. He attempts an unsuccessful Cesarean section, and Catherine dies in childbirth. To Henry, her dead body is like a statue; he walks back to his hotel without finding a way to say good-bye (Hemingway 329).

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