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Hate Crimes

.. itary prove its exclusion policy against Homosexuals correct and moral? Through the long standing tradition and policy, says one Admiral of the U.S. Navy. But is it fair or correct? That is the question posed on Capitol Hill even today, as politicians battle through a virtual minefield of tradition and equal rights. Religious Differences: Through out the world there are a varity of religions, everything from Christianity to Wiccan beliefs to no religion at all.

Whos place is it to judge whos faith is wrong and whos is right. People against people, churches against churches, this happens everyday in every location. More deaths have occured throughout history on the account of religion than any other matter. The majority of hate crimes that are targeted on religion are targeted on Wiccans, non-christians, or people who have no religion at all, and most of the people who commit these hate crimes are usually proclaim themselves to be Christians. Let me give you and example of a Christian hate crime. The web address of was created by a CHURCH and their minister. On this site they clearly target homosexuals.

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Yes in the Christian beliefs homosexuality is a sin, but so is stealing, adultry, and swearing; I have yet seen a site name have you? As you go in more debth on this page you are shown a picture of Matthew Shepard, the boy the world knows as being beaten to death by his father for having a same sex prefrence, floating gracefully on flames. When you click on his picture the following information is shown to you: Matthew Shepard died on October 12, 1998, as a result of being brutally beaten by two demon-possessed hooligans. WBC does not support this murder: They broke God’s commandment that thou shalt not kill. But, another of God’s commandments is thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Matthew Shepard lived his life breaking this commandment. Unless he repented in his dying hours (and we hope he did), he is in hell – the same fate that his killers will receive unless they repent.

(People using Netscape Communicator with the proper plugins can place your mouse pointer over the image to hear Matthew scream FOR GOD’S SAKE LISTEN TO PHELPS!!! If this doesn’t work, see Matthew’s message from hell.) And in hell he lift his eyes, being in torments..and he cried and said..have mercy on me..dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. The smoke of their torment ascendeth forever and ever; and they hav e no rest day or night. Luke 16:23,24; Revelation 14:11. ————————————————– ———————- Matthew Shepard has been in hell for 420 days. Eternity – 420 days = Eternity ————————————————– ———————- When Matthew Shepard died on October 12, 1998, every pervert in this country (from Bill Clinton on down) used his death as a soap box to promote so-called gay rights. In religious protest of this, WBC picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, to inject a little truth and sanity into the irrational orgy of lies consuming this world.

WBC does not support the murder of Matthew Shepard, and we believe that his murderers are in violation of God’s commandment that thou shalt not kill. Unless they repent, they will receive the same sentence that Matthew Shepard received – eternal fire. Unless he repented in the final hours of his life, he is in hell. He will be in hell for all eternity, where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. Mark 9:44.

For each day that passes, he has only eternity to look forward to. All the candlelight vigils, all the tributes, all the acts of Congress, all the rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States, will not shorten his sentence by so much as one day. And all the riches of the world will not buy him one drop of water to cool hi s tongue. Those of you reading this Gospel Memorial need to have a very clear understanding that there is a God in heaven, and He has created a hell for people who despise His commandments. If you are living a life where you disregard the commandments of God, l ike Matthew Shepard did, or if you are supportive of such a lifestyle (either overtly, or through your apathy), you need to repent.

And you need to repent now, because God will appear to you when you least expect it, saying thou fool, this night thy sou l shall be required of thee. Luke 12:20. Just like He did to Matthew Shepard. The following information came verbatium from This disgusts me to see an helpless, dead, person being mocked from the grave.

Listen to Shepards message from hell.. I guess only a TRUE christian church could come up with something so ignorant as this. Yet they freely mention that homosexuality is a sin but what about, pre-judgement, descrimination, changing words in the bible, and ignorance which is fluentlly mentioned on this site. Hate Crimes again target many religions but what religion this target? As it seems everything BUT Christianity. I just recognized three types of everyday hate crimes to you. Recognizing, Preventing, Eliminating, my own personal philosophy on making hate crimes dissapear.

I have only discussed one of my subjects, havn’t I? Well the rest is up to society, to open minded, understanding, educated people who want to make a diffrence. Myself alone can not control hate, a million people couldnt control hate, controlling hate takes effort from every idividual on this planet. Living in harmony, respecting and loving one another for who we can be done. You can make a difference: Please support anti-hate site by visiting and supporting the following sites: By just visiting these sites and reading, understanding, and letting yourself personally commit to becoming anit-hate you have made a diffrence. If this essay has changed one persons mind then I know it this message has went through, and can be comprehended by others around the world.

Please just take a stand! David Buckley December 5, 1999 Philosophy Essays.

Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes UCLA Asian Pacific Coalition Mai Pham Another Senseless Hate Crime March 5, 1997 Another Senseless Hate Crime Tragedy befell the Vietnamese community on Jan 29, 1996, when Thien Minh Ly, a 24-year old Vietnamese man and former graduate of UCLA, was murdered while rollerblading in his Tustin hometown high school tennis court. Ly was found lying in a pool of blood the following morning by a janitor, maimed by an excessive number of stabbing wounds to various parts of his body, as well as slashing wounds to his throat. In the immediate aftermath of his death, friends, family, and acquaintances could not fathom the senselessness of the crime that ended Ly’s life. All who knew him remembered him with love, respect, and admiration. A man of exemplary integrity, intelligence, confidence and spirit, Ly embodied the model Vietnamese American. He was a dutiful and loving son to his parents, a beloved older brother to his younger siblings, and a friend that one could always count on in times of need.

He was an academic in endless pursuit of knowledge: at UCLA, he obtained both an English and a Biology degree in four years, had just completed a Master’s in Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown, and was contemplating the study of Law just before his death. While at UCLA, Thien was a leader. He wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the UCLA Vietnamese Students’ Association (VSA) as VSA’s Culture Night Director, VSA’s newsletter editor, and finally, at the height of his VSA involvement, as VSA President ’92-’93. Hundreds attended the candlelight vigil held for him the same week he was murdered. An article about his death hangs in the UCLA English counseling office. Flowers from all over the VN community overflowed the mortuary during his viewing and funeral.

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Tears flowed endlessly for Thien; his was a loss mourned by all. It was not until March 2, 1996 that the mystery surrounding Ly’s murder ended. That day, police arrested Gunner Lindberg, age 21, and Dominic Christopher, age 17, after discovering a letter that Lindberg had written to a former prison inmate in New Mexico. The letter contained graphic details about the murder, as well as the writer’s apparent insoucience about the whole incident. Sandwiched between birthday plans, news about a friend’s baby, and talk about the need for a new tattoo was this boastful account of what happened the night of Jan 29th: Oh I killed a jap a while ago I stabbed him to Death at Tustin High school I walked up to him Dominic was with me and I seen this guy Roller blading and I had a knife. WE walk in the tennis court where he was I walked up to him.

Dominic was right there I walked right up to him and he was scared I looked at him and said ‘Oh I thought I knew you’ and he got happy that he wasn’t gona get jumped. Then I hit him.. I pulled the knife out a butcher knife and he said ‘no’ then I put the knife to his throught and asked him Do you have a car. And he grabed my hand that I had the knife in and looked at me, trying to get a description of me so I stomped on his head 3 times and each time said ‘Stop loooking at me’ then he was kinda knocked out Dazzed then I stabbed him in the side about 7 or 8 times he rolled over a little so I stabbed his back out 18 or 19 times then he layed flat and I slit one side of his throught on his jugular vain. Oh, the sounds the guy was making were like Uhhh. then Dominic said ‘do it again ‘ and I said ‘I already Did.

Dude. Ya, Do it again’ so I cut his other juggular vain, and Dominic said Kill him Do it again’ and I said ‘he’s already Dead’ Dominic Said ‘Stab him in the heart’ So I stabbed him about 20 or 21 times in the heart.. Then I wanted to go back and look, so we Did and he was dieing just then taking in some bloody gasps of air so I nidged his face with my shoe a few times, then i told Dominic to kick him, so he kicked the f— out of his face and he still has blood on his Shoes all over..then I ditched the knife, after whiping it clean onto the side of the 5’s the clippings from the newspaper we were on all the channels. (LA. Times, Orange County, Grisly Account of Ly Killing Believed Penned by Suspect, 3/7/96) Since the time of arrest, both parties have confessed their part in the murder.

The original arraignment date was set for March 22, 1996 for Lindberg, but has been pushed back to April 19, 1996. Likewise, Christopher’s arraignment has been pushed back twice. It is not known yet whether Christopher will be tried as an adult. Was there racial motivation behind the crime? White supremecist paraphernalia were found at Lindberg’s and Christopher’s home. Lindberg carelessly referred to Ly as a jap in the letter he wrote to his friend.

Yet Lindberg staunchly denies a racial motive. The Tustin police, too, seem reluctant to publicize the racial implications of the crime. For instance, the Tustin Weekly omitted the words I killed a jap in their rendition of Lindberg’s letter (Tustin Weekly, Graphic death scene details described, 3/8/96) Furthermore, both the Tustin Weekly and the LA Times have stated that the police attribute robbery as the motive for Ly’s murder. In light of this information, the inference that can be made is obvious. Racial motivation undoubtedly played a part in the murder. For how could Gunner Lindberg and Dominic Christopher so easily, blithely, and violently kill Thien Minh Ly if they respected him as a human being? They stomped on him with about as much thought as they would step on an ant.

They listened to his cries of pain and torture with sadistic delight. They continually attacked him when he was already helpless, and then, to add further insult to the injury, Christopher kicked Ly’s bleeding face. To the two murderers, Thien was nothing but a jap, a sub-human organism whose life they had a right to take. But what did Thien mean to those who loved him; how did they feel? They are heart-broken, bereft, angry that his death was caused by an unnecessary, random act of violence. And what about the Vietnamese Community? News about Ly’s murder and the ensuing arrest of his two assailants have horrified and enraged the Vietnamese community in Orange county, so much so that the Vietnaese Community of Orange County (VNCOC), a non-profit human and social services group, and various other organizations throughout the VN community in Orange county, joined under the name of the Thien Minh Ly Ad Hoc Committee. Their purpose is to ensure that the murderers receive just punishment for taking Ly’s life.

A candlelight vigil was held April 6, 1996 by the Council of Asian Pacific Americans of Orange County to raise awareness about violence against Asian-Americans; one of the people being honored was Thien Minh Ly. WE must pres …


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