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Has The Information Revelotion Benifited Society

Has The Information Revelotion Benifited Society The Revolution There is a revolution taking place all over the world. There is no blood shed in this revolution. It is the revolution of information. The information revolution has been taking place for decades, but only know do we fully realize the impact it has had and will have. The benefits of this revolution have changed how are society works, plays, and lives. These changes have brought many benefits to society and are still bringing benefits.

James Sniders argument that the information revolution will be the down fall of the environment is fundamentally flawed. All of his justifications are could happens that are not supported. He even states that all of the major environmentally clubs dont consider the information revolution as a threat. If the tree huggers dont consider the information revolution a menace, why should we. On the other hand, John Mayo offers a very realistic and viable argument for the information revolution.

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Mayo offers many good examples of how the information revolution has benefited society. He also offers many predictions for the future. Both Snider and Mayo have many good arguments, some better then others, that I will discuss and analyze. I will show how the information revolution as benefited society and will continue to benefit society. I will also describe the arguments against the information revolution, and state how the argument is flawed. The greatest benefit of the information revolution is that know for the first time in history every person has the ability to obtain the latest information instantly.

When people are informed, they have power, because knowledge is power. With knowledge, people can make much more informed decisions. They know and understand whats happening in the world around them. Back in the eight-teen hundreds, many people did not know for months who was elected President of the United States. Now a days everyone knows who is running and who wins thanks to the information revolution. The information revolution has also brought about the formation of the information superhighway.

The information superhighway is a seamless network of computers and databases were anyone, anytime, and anywhere can access limitless information. The information superhighway gives people the power of knowledge. It allows people to see things they might have never seen, if it were not for the information superhighway. With the information superhighway people can take virtual tours of museums, campuses, and buildings not even constructed yet. A person can also walk through buildings that no longer exist.

There are so many things that one can do using the information superhighway, and I will describe many of them in the rest of the paper. The information revolution has also made are lives much easier. The lives of people all over the world has been affected because of the information revolution. Years ago people of the rich nations did not know of or did not understand the blight many people of poor nations faced every day. Now that the whole world knows of the poverty many people face the worlds people are doing something to stop poverty.

The information revolution has also exposed many people to different cultures. This exposure has helped to end the hatred between many different cultures. The information revolution has also made it possible to do many things form the comfort of ones own home. One can now go to a web site for a car company and play around with options to see what they want. One can do all of there shopping online.

People who once relied on someone else to bye stuff for them can know do it for themselves. The information superhighway also makes life easier by allowing families to communicate with each other form anywhere in the world. The information superhighway also makes it possible to get a college degree, and one never has to step foot on a college campus. Are lives are so much easier because of the information revolution, and I am sure Snider would agree that even he has benefited from this easier life. The medical field has benefited greatly form the information revolution. Doctors must agree that having the ability to go to a computer and have access of a database of every know illness is a very powerful tool.

Before this database doctors had to either do intensive research or just know the signs of an illness to determine what you had. Sometimes that was not even enough. If you had a rare topical illness chances are, they would never figure out what you had. But now a days, all a doctor has to do if he has a patient with illness he doesnt recognize is go to a computer, type in the aliments of the patient, and the computer spits out the possibly illness the patient has. The information revolution is also making more people aware of deadly illnesses and how to prevent and diagnose them.

The fight against breast cancer is one such campaign, that has used the information revolution to get its message to the masses. The information revolution also made it possible for doctors on opposite sides of the world to collaborate on patients. The information revolution has made it possible for doctors to have instant access to a patients records, a database of every know illness, and the knowledge to more effectively diagnose and treat the sick. I do not know about the rest of the world, but I am happy in knowing that my doctor can diagnose anything. Education has been drastically changed because of the information revolution.

The education system has been changed, because now everyone knows the importance of an education. With parents and children having the latest information about education the education system has to adapt and become better. Using the information revolution, the education system has access to latest textbooks, lab manuals, and procedures. A good example of how the information revolution has effected education is one involving a chronicle sick child. This child was always in and out of the hospital, but he never fell behind in class. The reason for that is he was connected to the Internet.

There was cameras placed in the class room and he was basically involved in an interactive TV class room. This example shows how a child at one time, would have falling behind in class and would have probably had to repeat that grade, but because of the information revolution he is on track and will not have the feeling of being left behind. The information revolution has also allowed many physical and mental disabled children to attend public schools instead of schools for the disabled. As Mr. Snider stated in his article all of the major environmental groups like the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society feel that the information revolution has had huge benefits for the environment.

The information revolution has helped the environment in many ways. It has made more people aware of how their actions effect the environment. It has also giving people a reason to care about the environment, by showing them what there actions might ruin. With the help of various mediums, like the information superhighway, the environmental clubs have been able to get their message to the masses. Although one of the biggest reasons why the environmental clubs like the information revolution, is how it has effected air pollution.

With more and more people being able to work and shop at home, the gas that they would have burnt in their cars does not get burnt. So there is no air pollution being created and that is a very good thing. The job of police officer is a very d …


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